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Rock 'n' Roll's Roy Orbison Dies

December 08, 1988|BURT A. FOLKART | Times Staff Writer

Orbison remarried, had two more sons and moved to Southern California about three years ago.

In 1980 he and Emmylou Harris were awarded a Grammy for "That Lovin' You Feelin' Again," and in 1987 he and his old Sun records colleague Carl Perkins along with Bo Diddley were inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.

On Wednesday, pop critic Hilburn said, "Orbison wasn't a revolutionary figure in rock the way Elvis Presley or Little Richard were, but there was an elegance and power in his best recordings that spoke with a unique, almost adult sense of drama that has enabled them to be as haunting today as when they first came on the radio.

Purity and Passion

"He wasn't a flashy performer. He'd stand expressionless behind his ever-present dark glasses and just sing--but the singing was unlike anything else in rock: a purity and passion that conveyed with almost surreal aura the delicateness and ache of romantic disappointment and doubt."

In a 1986 interview, Orbison said the biggest thrill of his career was "just being in the business itself."

As for being called a legend, he said: "I did say facetiously once that being a legend meant being old. But someone pointed out that not all old people are legends. Anyway, it's nice to have had longevity and to have influenced a few people for the good."

Rock world left a little more lonely. Calendar, Page 1.

ORBISON RECORDINGS Here is a partial list of single recordings by Roy Orbison, who died at age 52: 1."Oh, Pretty Woman" 2. "Only the Lonely" 3. "Blue Bayou" 4. "Cryin' " 5. "Running Scared" 6. "Mean Woman Blues" 7. "Dream Baby" 8. "It's Over" 9. "That Loving You Feeling Again" (with Emmylou Harris) 10. "In Dreams" 11. "Ooby Dooby" 12. "Lana" 13. "Claudette" 14. "Wild Hearts" 15. "Love Hurts" 16. "Today's Teardrops" 17. "You're My Baby" 18. "Rockhouse" 19. "Sweet and Easy" 20. "Devil Doll" 21. "Chicken Hearted" 22. "I Like Love" 23. "Almost Eighteen" 24. "Paper Boy" 25. "Up Town" 26. "Blue Angel" 27. "I'm Hurtin' " 28. "Candy Man" 29. "Workin' for the Man" 30. "Falling" 31. "Ride Away" --Associated Press

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