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Morning Briefing

Smith Smashed Welcome Wagon

December 08, 1988

When Bubba Smith was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame Tuesday night at New York, it reminded John McKay, another inductee, of the USC-Michigan State game in 1964.

McKay: "I always had our offense locate and go right at their best player to let him know we're here. And it usually worked.

"The first play was a handoff to Mike Garrett. Bubba busted through the line, threw away the blocker and introduced himself to Garrett. While he was at it, he took a swipe at our quarterback, Craig Fertig, and spun his helmet around.

"Fertig wobbled to the sideline with his nose sticking out the ear hole and said, 'We've located him, Coach.' "

Would-you-believe-it Dept.: On this date in 1961, Wilt Chamberlain scored 78 points and had 43 rebounds, and his team lost. The Lakers beat the Philadelphia Warriors, 151-147, in triple overtime. Elgin Baylor led the Lakers with 63 points.

At a news conference promoting Friday night's Pinklon Thomas-Evander Holyfield fight at Atlantic City, Holyfield came dressed casually, whereas Thomas strutted in wearing a tuxedo with top hat, white scarf, white gloves and cane.

Said the Associated Press: "One look at Thomas sent Holyfield back to his hotel suite for a business suit and tie."

From Sandy Keenan of Newsday: "In St. John's Coach Lou Carnesecca's soon-to-be released book, 'Louie in Season,' the true meaning of the word 'Carnesecca' in Italian is disclosed.

"From now on, just call him Coach Dried Meat."

Trivia Time: What do Ray Mancini, Bernie Geoffrion and Boris Becker have in common? (Answer to follow.)

Here's the Boston Globe's All-Name college basketball team: Matt Roadcap (West Virginia), Tim Jumper (Mississippi), Nick Nurse (Northern Iowa), Johnny Hawk (Western Illinois), Jimmie Jack (Wagner).

Reserves include Spious Kilpatrick (Brooklyn), Hollivan Billups (Loyola Maryland) and Greg Housekeeper (Utah State).

From Miami Coach Jimmy Johnson, lobbying for No. 1 if West Virginia beats Notre Dame, even though the Hurricanes lost to the Irish, 31-30: "I'd hate to see our team penalized simply for the reason that I decided not to go for the tie and not kick the extra point. Instead, being the defending national champions, I tried to go for the win with a 2-point conversion."

Question: By that logic, shouldn't the 1983 national championship have been awarded to Nebraska, not Miami? In the Orange Bowl, Nebraska failed on a 2-pointer and lost to Miami, 31-30. Had Nebraska kicked the extra point, it would have been the country's only unbeaten team.

When Dikembe Mutombo, a 6-foot 11-inch forward from Zaire, scored all his points on dunks in Georgetown's first game, Coach John Thompson was asked if Mutombo's shooting range was limited.

"They used to ask me that about Patrick Ewing," Thompson said. "What does he make now, something like $3 million a year?"

Trivia Answer: The same nickname, Boom Boom.


New York Ranger Coach Michel Bergeron, on communicating with Czechoslovakian player Igor Liba: "I showed him the puck. It's black for everyone. I showed him the net. I think he got the idea."

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