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Green Bay Wants Aikman If Packers Get First Pick

December 08, 1988|Associated Press

MILWAUKEE — Although UCLA quarterback Troy Aikman has indicated he would prefer to start his professional career at a warm-weather city, Green Bay Packer officials said Wednesday they will select him if they get the first pick in next spring's National Football League draft.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it," said Tom Braatz, Packers vice president of Aikman's desire to play in a warmer climate.

"We've had a lot of conversation about this, but we have not had an opportunity to talk to Troy Aikman because he is preparing to play in the Cotton Bowl and just finishing his college career.

"The only thing he has said so far is that he would prefer playing in a warm-weather town. He has not said he would not play in Green Bay."

The Packers also are interested in Michigan State tackle Tony Mandarich but Aikman is their first choice.

"For the good of this franchise a quarterback like Aikman is essential," said Braatz, who directs the team's football operations.

"To be fair to Troy Aikman, he isn't going to take this football team next year and turn it into a 9-7 team. Not unless we do something with the offensive line."

The Packers' offense has struggled this season. They are ranked 24th in offense and 27th in scoring in the NFL. They are 2-12 and have 7 straight losses.

Asked if the Packers' other quarterbacks, Don Majkowski and Randy Wright, were anxious because the team was considering drafting Aikman, Braatz replied: "Anybody not sitting on the edge of their chair in Green Bay is a dreamer."

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