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High Life : A Weekly Forum For High School Students : A Christmas Wish List

December 09, 1988

You're too old for Barbie dolls and Tonka trucks, but too young for vacuum cleaners and striped ties. As a teen-ager, you're at an age that makes it impossible for your mom and dad to buy you just the right Christmas gift.

As a public service for shoppers everywhere--and to keep your parents from wandering up and down aisles and in and out of stores muttering to themselves--Hot Topics asks: "Specifically, what's the hottest gift you could get for Christmas?"

"Anything with four wheels and an engine." Sean Douglas, 17, senior, Capistrano Valley

"My driver's license." Jill Hedlund, 15, sophomore, Capistrano Valley

"An 18-karat gold bracelet to go with my watch." Mariela Lanca, 18, senior, Capistano Valley

"A plane ticket to visit my cousin in Michigan. That way, I could actually have a white Christmas." Leah Bayless, 17, senior, Esperanza

"An exotic car like a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Fiero or MR2." John Ashe, 17, senior, Esperanza

"Since I will be in Italy for a skating competition during the Christmas break, I would love to be able to spend Christmas with my family." Tammy Vaughn, 17, senior, Esperanza

"Have my backyard cemented and turned into a basketball court so I could practice. Eric Conner, 15, freshman, Esperanza

"Peace on earth. I ran out of materialistic things to need." Rachel Estrella, 17, senior, Estancia

"Lakers vs. Celtics tickets." Jeff Sparks, 15, sophomore, Estancia

"Super Bowl tickets to Miami." Chris Coons, 16, junior, Estancia

"Money, there is no substitute." Tara Suan, 16, junior, Foothill

"I want some of those elf slippers with fur on the inside and leather outside. They are kind of like moccasins." Ingrid Moon, 17, senior, Foothill

"A subscription to Cliff Notes." Curtis Hsia, 17, senior, Foothill

"A Fisher stereo complete with a compact disc player, receiver, equalizer and a double tape deck." Tim Lindholm, 17, senior, Foothill

"All I want for Christmas is a sense of inner peace." Bryan Chanawatr, 15, sophomore, Brea-Olinda

"A Suzuki Sidekick." Darrel Ortloff, 15, sophomore, Heritage

"A Maserati that goes very fast and has great performance." Alyssa Meigs, 15, freshman, Heritage

"Lots of outrageous clothes." Ashley Kenna, 14, freshman, Heritage

"A leather jacket." Anna Gause, 16, junior, Heritage

"A 1988 Ferrari Testarossa." Howard Baike, 15, sophomore, Laguna Hills

"Being accepted to Harvard." Roger Chen, 18, senior, Laguna Hills

"Having my grandmother come visit me from Korea." Howard Song, 18, senior, Laguna Hills

"Parents that understand me." Joanne Hemmings, 17, senior, Lutheran

"That all my friends could be great friends and would do nothing to hurt each other." Lori Struck, 16, senior, Lutheran

"The hottest gift I could get is a white Scirocco, as in car." Stefan Cohrs, 18, senior, Marina

"A one-way trip to New Orleans." Aditi Palit, 17, senior, Marina

"My eternity ring." Shane Davis, 17, senior, Marina

"A trip to the Caribbean to get away from school and all my pressure." Blake Alban, 15, sophomore, Marina

"A brown leather bomber jacket or Rossignol skis." April Snyder, 16, junior, Mission Viejo

"A Kenwood car stereo and a black leather jacket." Ken Kruse, 18, senior, Mission Viejo

"A plane ticket to Switzerland for 3 weeks in a cabin and also a pair of Rossignol skis and matching Lange boots." Tracey Claman, 17, senior, Mission Viejo

"A black Nissan 4-by-4 raised truck with a roll bar and lights, but I would settle for a color TV with remote control and new bedroom furniture." Jamye Holt, 17, senior, Mission Viejo

"My own recording studio." Wes Swedlow, 16, junior, Pacifica

"Winning a shopping spree of $1,000 to spend at May Co." Rosanne Agatep, 16, junior, Pacifica

"A $500 gift certificate at the Wherehouse." Jennifer Pepping, 14, freshman, Pacifica

"A 1989 Honda Prelude SI--candy-apple red with black interior." Kelly Hartigan, 17, senior, Rosary

"The hottest gift I could get would be if I could go with Santa Claus and help him deliver all the Christmas gifts to all the little kids." Stella Richards, 18, senior, Rosary

"A 1989 Honda Accord Coupe LXi." Paul Pilon, 17, senior, Saddleback

"The hottest gift I could get would be to meet New Edition, the (singing) group. Sylvia Chaney, 15, sophomore, Saddleback

"Accepted to USC." Kim Denyer, 17, senior, San Clemente

"An '89 turbo Mustang would be the ultimate Christmas gift." Jenny Araiza, 17, senior, Santa Ana

"A Yamaha Riva Scooter, Sony CD player, Spalding basketball, a Huffy Slam Jam basketball backboard, Gucci leather jacket, $100 in cash." Jack Chen, 15, sophomore, Savanna

"An Outback red/brown sweater, black leather boots, 'The Far Side' comic strip calendar, big gold-tone earrings, picture of a dolphin for my room, metallic blue Porsche and souvenir decals." Heather Cornelius, 16, junior, Savanna

"Sony digital CD player, Panasonic stereo system, metallic gray Honda Accord, Sony Walkman, $160 in $20 bills and a large pool table." Jamie Fouch, 15, sophomore, Savanna

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