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'Handcuffed Higher Education' and State Limits on Spending

December 10, 1988

In your editorial you suggest that one way to alleviate enrollment pressure on UC is to make "some existing but less-than-spectacular Cal State campuses" more attractive to prospective students. "What," you ask, "could be done to put . . . Humboldt State on the map?" "High quality programs," you say, "could attract some of the bright students now drawn more often to the UC system." Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Did you know that freshmen entering Humboldt State have brought with them some of the highest average SAT scores in the 19-campus CSU system?

Did you know that students come to Humboldt State from an average of more than 500 miles from their homes and represent every county in California--a definite choice rather than convenience?

And did you know that while long recognized for its strength in the field of natural resources education, Humboldt State has established a reputation for academic rigor and quality in the studio and performing arts, business, education, science and social sciences, to name a few?

You might want to check your map again. Humboldt State is definitely on it . . . and has been for 75 years! Those who recognize the signposts of high quality education know the precise location.

You can find it. I did!



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