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New Contract for Huntington Beach Teachers

December 11, 1988

It's tough to run a business within a balanced budget; every responsible leader must face the competing priorities for money.

Local school boards and superintendents often encounter pressures from special-interest groups who force decisions that might provide a short-term solution while producing long-term problems.

It is worth noting the courageous leadership of the Huntington Beach City School District Board of Trustees and its superintendent, while under extreme pressure from its teachers union, made the tough decision to operate the school district within its state-allocated income.

Motivated by the findings of an independent audit, which stated that continued deficit spending would hurt the fiscal viability of the district, the board, through its superintendent, Dr. Diana Peters, invited the community and employees to help set priorities to balance the budget.

I salute the board and Peters for their fiscal responsibility, the top quality of their instructional programs for students, competitive salaries and the high level of involvement of community and employees. Their courage and stamina to make difficult decisions despite pressures are commendable. The district's position was validated by a state fact-finder serving as a neutral third party.

I hope the people, not only in Huntington Beach but throughout the state, support boards of trustees and superintendents who, like school officials in Huntington Beach, perform their duties so conscientiously on behalf of the children, employees, taxpayers and citizens of the state.


Assistant to the governor for education


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