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Raids Seize 55 Ex-Convicts on Parole Violation Charges

December 11, 1988|From United Press International

Long Beach police and state corrections officers Saturday arrested 55 ex-convicts during a series of raids designed to crack down on errant parolees, authorities said.

In what Police Cmdr. Jim Stewart said was the largest such operation mounted in California, a task force of 70 officers and about 25 state parole agents began visiting parolees' homes at 7 a.m. A heavily armed SWAT team remained on standby alert in case suspects tried to fight it out with police.

By 12:30 p.m., 55 ex-convicts who had violated terms of their parole were collared without incident. All were booked and jailed without bail.

Some Arrested in Drug Sales

"Most of them have been parole violators (but) we arrested a couple of them for possession and sales of drugs," Stewart said. "We expect contacts we make with violators will lead us to other violators and others who may be wanted for various other crimes."

The crackdown was set up by police and parole officials who identified between 150 and 200 parole violators living in the area.

Many suspected parole violators have not bothered to report to agents, as directed when they are released on parole. Others are suspected in more serious offenses that violate the conditions of their early release from prison.

All of those sought were convicted of felony offenses, Stewart said. They will be held until they receive hearings by the Department of Corrections.

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