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Change in Global Weather Patterns

December 22, 1988

I'm confused. It seems even the experts can't agree on what is happening with global weather.

An article written by Lee Dye, referred to the rise in temperature as "the so-called greenhouse effect" ("The Changing Earth--Science Grapples With Huge Challenge," Part I, Dec. 8). Also mentioned was rising sea level and the fears of waterfront lot owners. One specialist indicated he would purchase any beach property from those concerned with losing their homes. "Some scientists have argued that global warming is pushing sea level up by about 1 millimeter a year." One millimeter is the diameter of a human hair, as indicated in Dye's story.

It was noted perhaps the Earth is still recovering from the last ice age. As the ice cover recedes back to the polar regions, the reduced weight would permit land masses to "rebound." Melting ice would flow into the oceans. If this is true, would it be easier or more difficult to measure any rise in sea level?

A second article appearing Dec. 13 was written by Larry B. Stammer ("California in 2030: a Greenhouse Vision," Part I). He quoted another expert as saying, "The greenhouse effect is real." The comments about sea waters rising would be in direct contradiction to the first article.

I have been following changes in global weather for five years. The Times has been a valuable source of articles on the increasing number of record-setting weather phenomena. Two years ago I heard a meteorologist with the National Weather Service state: "Since the late '70s there has been an extremely large number of weather records. Based on the current knowledge of meteorology, there is no known explanation."

Are we heading toward the next ice age? Even the experts don't know.


Mission Viejo

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