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Unlisted Phones

December 25, 1988

I read with interest your editorial "Don't Call Us" (Dec. 6) concerning the 56% unlisted telephone numbers in Los Angeles County.

For us it was self-defense. My husband had an unusual first name. Until the day I received a telephone call from a place in Las Vegas trying to collect on a bad check, it seemed impossible that there could be another person anywhere with the same first and last name.

We were listed. The bad check writer was not. I was slightly amused that day since I felt I had corrected their mistake.

A woman called the first time. I was not amused the next day when a man called. While I talked trying to convince him he had the wrong person, I had visions of a couple of Las Vegas "collectors" showing up at my door.

After hanging up the phone my next call was to the telephone company and we became part of the 56%.

My husband died recently and because we were unlisted I was not flooded with salesmen or solicitors.

I'll stay unlisted.


La Mirada

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