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December 26, 1988

I wish to thank The Times for its analysis of holiday overspending "And a Bill Collector in a Pear Tree," (Part I, Dec. 12).

During the Christmas season overextended consumers often blame their misfortune on anyone or anything but themselves. Credit cards enable a person to live beyond his or her means. But for how long?

Ironically, holiday sales considered healthy for business have less than salutary effects on the unwary shopper.

Several financial tips given in the Times article point to a taboo subject for some: our emotions toward money. We can spend our lives working for money and never realize or manage feelings toward it. Ask yourself what money means in terms of material security, power or prestige.

Madison Avenue and the retailers do know our consumer psyche. So before purchasing another attractive financial package, take a look inside. For inside our minds we can separate fact from emotional fiction. We may find that deferred payments are not the way to manage debt.

Let's rethink shopping this season. Then the creditors will not come calling.



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