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Kneeling on Job Can Be More Comfortable

January 08, 1989|Dale Baldwin

Many jobs around the home require working on one's knees, a position that becomes uncomfortable after a short time. Seeking an effective solution to the problem, a group of Norwegian designers, physical therapists and engineers came up with an effective solution: the Balans Craftseat.

The product, produced and marketed by Amcraft Inc. of Idaho Springs, Colo., combines a kneepad and stool that provide support for the knees, while at the same time providing a seat. The ankle joint remains free of stress and may move to retain normal circulation to the feet, while the angle of the knee bend stays open enough so that circulation is not cut off at the knee, as is usual when one kneels for a period of time.

Whether you are laying carpeting or tile, painting a floor or gardening, the Craftseat could make those jobs a lot easier. Those who have done similar work know that kneepads help somewhat, but this product goes much further to relieve the strain of working on one's knees.

The Craftseat is made of high quality aluminum, according to the manufacturer, and the seat and kneepads are made of dense polyurethane foam designed with a specific degree of hardness for comfort. The pads are internally reinforced and their cellular core structure provides for long-term durability.

The Craftseat components can be used as a pair or a single unit and the easy-off adjustable straps allow for freedom of movement.

Amcraft claims that during product testing with floor installers, workers' productivity increased between 40% and 50% and fatigue was reduced to a minimum. Workers who had been plagued by knee problems found that they were minimized with use of the Craftseat. Some problems were totally eliminated.

The Craftseat is available in the Los Angeles area at Walton Tool Co., 517 W. 17th St., Long Beach; Galleher Hardwood, 12906 Telegraph Road, Santa Fe Springs, and McMaster-Carr Supply Co., 9630 Norwalk Blvd., Santa Fe Springs. The manufacturer's suggested list price is $39.95 for a single, and $69.95 a pair.

The firm can be addressed at P.O. Box 3335, Idaho Springs, Colo. 80452.

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