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HIGH LIFE : Interracial Dating Is OK With the Students

January 13, 1989

The majority of the 3,247 Orange County high school students responding to a recent Hot Topics poll approve of interracial dating and marriage, and many have dated someone of another race.

Here's what the students had to say about interracial dating and marriage:

"I don't think (interracial dating) is wrong, but I think it can put a lot of pressure on the couple. I would hope that this country has matured far enough to accept it."

Jennifer Mask, 17, senior, Brea-Olinda

"My last boyfriend was Korean. Issues involving the difference in race only came up when others expressed disapproval. Between us, there was no problem. An interesting point is that not only was I told to stick to my own race, but for the first time I was discriminated against for being white. I suppose that's only fair."

Daryl Reeves, 16, junior, Brea-Olinda

"Dating someone of a different race is fine, but when married, a lot of conflicts can arise--how to raise the children, the observance of different holidays, social practices, religion, family, et cetera. Even a strong, devoted love may not be able to survive the strain."

Anna Nordstrom, 15, sophomore, Brea-Olinda

"Being albino, I have always been the object of discrimination by students. If I were to discriminate, I would be discriminating against myself."

Mike Feldmeier, 16, sophomore, Brea-Olinda

"I believe we're all created equally. I think that if God didn't want us to date other races, that he wouldn't have created different colors."

Julie West, 17, senior, Calvary Chapel

"Everyone should have an equal opportunity no matter what race, color or creed they are."

Jay Jacinto, 14, freshman, Calvary Chapel

"I had an aunt who had three kids by a black convict, and her family totally rejected her because they were prejudiced. But I'm not. But I just think it's wrong."

Lisa Parker, 14, freshman, Calvary Chapel

"Just because they have a different color skin doesn't mean they're different."

Ben Fields, 15, sophomore, Calvary Chapel

"I really think there's no difference if you're white or black or any other race--as long as you like the person, then date them."

Jill Brewer, 17, senior, Calvary Chapel

"I have (dated someone of another race), but sometimes it was difficult because of culture differences. But we just had to be patient with each other and we both learned."

Amber Johnson, 16, junior, Calvary Chapel

"Yeah (I would consider interracial marriage) because I'm not prejudiced and everyone is an individual and I like individuality."

Velva Sanders, 18, senior, Calvary Chapel

"Yes (I would consider interracial marriage), although I'd have to admit that it would be difficult because of the criticism. If our love was strong enough, though, we could both overcome it."

Wade Baker, 14, freshman, Calvary Chapel

"I would consider marrying a person of a different race, but I probably would not because I find my race more attractive. But then again, there are exceptions. Secondly, if I did marry someone of another race, it would upset my parents and grandparents because of my religion."

Marc Havran, 14, freshman, Cypress

"I don't find any problems with interracial dating and/or marriage. But it would put a lot of stress on the couple if one of them had a disapproving family."

Amy Vaughn, 16, sophomore, Cypress

"There should be no reason why interracial dating or marriage should be a problem. If two people care about each other, nothing should stop them."

Carl Nelson, 18, senior, Cypress

"I am ashamed that this question was ever asked. One shouldn't choose who they date by their race. People are people no matter what race they are. Anyone who wouldn't date someone because of their race shouldn't live in a country where so many races exist."

Nathan Jensen, 16, junior, Cypress

"(Interracial marriage) creates problems for the kids, and also it is morally wrong."

Gary Kirpluck, 17, junior, Esperanza

"I personally haven't (dated someone of another race), yet my sister has, and it didn't work out."

Alison Thuney, 18, senior, Esperanza

"You marry for love and not for anything else."

Jennifer Farr, 17, senior, Esperanza

"My values are to stay with my own race and not only that, my family would be upset and wouldn't accept it."

Nattalie Park, 17, junior, Esperanza

"If we had the same values and were compatible, and if I loved him, then why not?"

Anne Marcelletta, 17, senior, Esperanza

"If there is mutual attraction, who cares what race they are?"

Vivian Jacobo, 15, sophomore, Estancia

"I don't think race should be an issue in relationships."

Kevin Keith, 18, senior, Estancia

"Why not get to know a person from another race?"

Grace Huang, 17, senior, Estancia

"I'm not against it, but putting yourself in an interracial marriage would be a difficult situation. My parents have had many obstacles to overcome."

Laura Dardashti, 17, senior, Foothill

"Racism can't stop love."

Anne Mary Ordway, 16, junior, Foothill

"It may sound simplistic, but love is colorblind."

Melissa Brooks, 15, freshman, Foothill

"If you love the person, it doesn't matter."

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