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January 22, 1989

LOVE SONGS by Lawrence Sanders (Berkley: $4.50). Surprisingly, a pop singer finds more drugs, sex and scandal in her Maine hideaway than on the road.

SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL by Kent Anderson (Warner: $4.50). Anderson, a Vietnam vet, writes of a middle-American college boy's transformation into a savage, arrogant soldier.

O PIONEERS! by Willa Cather (Penguin: $4.95). Protagonist Alexandra Bergson is the focus in this novel of American pioneers' struggle on the Nebraska prairies.

THE SILVER DESOTO by Patty Lou Floyd (Washington Square Press: $6.95). The automobile accident that Betty Jane Bledsoe's grandfather has is only one of the family secrets she learns growing up in Oklahoma in the 1920s and '30s.

ACTS OF CONTRITION by William Heffernan (Onyx: $4.50). Tony Marco is a young man on the way up the big-city political ladder, but a reporter, Jennifer Brady, suspects a few dirty hands have assisted his climb.


VOYAGER by Jeana Yeager and Dick Rutan with Phil Patton (Perennial Library: $8.95). How the experimental Voyager (and its crew) went from "home-built" to world class.

THE SEARCH FOR SAM GOLDWYN by Carol Easton (Quill: $12.95). Easton attempts to penetrate the wall of silence that went up after Goldwyn's death in 1974.

BY SILENCE BETRAYED: Sexual Abuse of Children in America by John Crewdson (Perennial Library: $8.95). Crewdson, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, wades through the morass of child abuse in this country; he isolates issues that bear on the abuser, the children, law enforcement officials, and the social organizations that handle such cases.

THE COPS ARE ROBBERS: A Convicted Cop's True Story of Police Corruption by Gerald W. Clemente with Kevin Stevens (Avon: $3.95). Former Boston police captain's version of how he and six fellow officers absconded with $25 million.

THRIVING ON CHAOS: Handbook for a Management Revolution by Tom Peters (Perennial Library: $10.95). Peters, a hierophant for change in the American management style, expounds on his newest suggestions.


THE OUTPLACEMENT SOLUTION by Karen Wolfer and Richard G. Wong (Wiley: $12.95). Job market strategies for employees who are adversely affected by company mergers.

THE DOW JONES-IRWIN GUIDE TO RETIREMENT PLANNING by Ray Vicker (Signet: $4.95). Vicker's method can turn a few dollars into six figures within a reasonable amount of time, using his recommended savings, organization, future estimates and investment practices--even with the new tax laws.

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