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Fraternity Brothers Put Volkwagen in P.O. Lobby--With Too Few Stamps

February 05, 1989|from United Press International

DAVIDSON, N.C. — Neither snow nor rain nor dark of night can stay this Volkswagen from its appointed rounds.

Postmaster Beverly Seal said the Davidson office routinely handles bulk mail, but nothing like what it found at the post office Thursday morning.

When postal workers arrived, a VW was sitting in the lobby--with insufficient postage to boot. Less than 70 cents in stamps were stuck under a wiper blade.

"I thought I'd ring up the postage due," Seal said. "But then I decided to ring up the owner instead."

Davidson police ran a license check, and the chief called Davidson College student Bill Scouten.

"He said the manager of the post office had something for me," Scouten said. "I asked if I could come later. He said, 'No, you better come now.' "

As it turned out, some of Scouten's fraternity brothers had waited until he fell asleep and then stole his car keys.

They drove the car to the post office and the 24-hour lobby. While two held the double doors open, others pushed the car inside.

Scouten declined to press charges, saying he prefers vigilante justice.

"Nothing that drastic," he said. "Maybe just something with Super Glue."

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