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To Our Readers

February 09, 1989

Nuestro Tiempo is a monthly publication of the Los Angeles Times, providing coverage about Latinos in Southern California.

Beginning with this edition, Nuestro Tiempo is being written, edited and illustrated by staff members of the Times. All articles are published in both English and Spanish to serve the widest readership.

Nuestro Tiempo reaches more than 400,000 households, including Times subscribers in designated areas and others via direct mail.

We welcome your written comments about Nuestro Tiempo. Please write to:

Nuestro Tiempo

Metro Section

Los Angeles Times

Times Mirror Square

Los Angeles, CA 90053

For information on advertising, contact Rick Sanchez or Steve Epstein at (213) 924-8600.

Remaining 1989 publication dates/Fechas de publicacion en 1989:

March (marzo) 23

May (mayo) 4

May (mayo) 25

June (junio) 15

July (julio) 27

Aug. (agosto) 31

Sept. (septiembre) 14

Oct. (octubre) 12

Nov. (noviembre) 16

Dec. (diciembre) 14

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