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TOWARD EQUALITY: Exploring a World of Difference

February 13, 1989

Toward Equality was designed and written by the staff of the Los Angeles Times in conjunction with a citywide campaign to heighten awareness of racial, ethnic and religious problems in Southern California. Running the World of Difference campaign is the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith. THE STAFF Editors: Bob Magnuson, Terry Schwadron

Art Director: Patricia Mitchell

News Editor: Marty Steffens

Contributors: Bob Baker, Sandy Banks, Stephen Braun, Bettina Boxall, Mathis Chazanov, Edwin Chen, Janet Clayton, Adrianne Goodman, Robert A. Jones, Barbara Koh, Ron Harris, Marita Hernandez, H. G. Reza, Kevin Roderick, Louis Sahagun, Terry Schwadron, Steven Seiler, Carol Bradley Shirley, Bill Sing, Lynn Smith, George Stein, Jill Stewart, Robert W. Stewart, Victor Valle, Elaine Woo.

Photographer: Rick Corrales

Photo Research: Mildred Simpson

Researcher: Tracy Thomas

Teaching Guide: Los Angeles Times in Education Program, Paula Poindexter-Wilson, head

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