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toward EQUALITY : EXPLORING A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE : RECOGNIZING DIVERSITY : A Resource for Parents and Teachers to Fight Prejudice, Build Pride, Respect Diversity : CAN YOU NAME THEM?

February 13, 1989

These are people who have overcome discrimination and prejudice to make an impact on society. Identify who is described. 1. One of the nation's youngest publishers; heads La Opinion, one of the largest Spanish-language daily newspapers in the country, founded in 1926.

Edward R. Roybal

Jose I. Lozano Reynaldo Rojo 2. The first black elected to statewide office as superintendent of public instruction in 1970.

Wilson Riles Gilbert Lindsay Tom Bradley 3. The first Asian elected to statewide office as secretary of state in 1974.

Michael Woo Judy Chu March Fong Eu 4. Black actress who has appeared on network television for 15 consecutive years on such shows as "The Jeffersons" and "227;" founder of Crossroads Academy--a working theater school in Los Angeles.

Jewel Plummer Cobb Marla Gibbs Rita Walters 5. Math teacher at Garfield High in East Los Angeles and subject of film, "Stand and Deliver," based on true story about this teacher's students who passed the college advanced-placement calculus exam only to be accused of cheating. This teacher's students have the highest test passing percentage in the country.

Jaime Escalante Gloria Molina Edward Olmos . . . . . . THE CORRECT ANSWER IS . . . . . .

1. Jose I. Lozano. Edward R. Roybal is a U.S. representative who has been reelected to Congress every year since 1962 and founded the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Reynaldo Rojo is deputy chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department and the highest-ranking Latino on the force.

2. Wilson Riles. Gilbert Lindsay is the first black to serve on the Los Angeles City Council and has represented the 9th District since he was first elected in 1963. Tom Bradley has served as mayor of Los Angeles since 1973 and has run for governor of California twice.

3. March Fong Eu. Michael Woo is the first Asian member of the Los Angeles City Council and represents the 13th Council District. Judy Chu is the first Asian-American member of the Garvey School District Board of Education, a district where Asians make up half of the student population.

4. Marla Gibbs. Jewel Plummer Cobb is president of Cal State Fullerton. Rita Walters was the first black woman elected president of the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education and currently sits on the board.

5. Jaime Escalante. Gloria Molina became the first Latina elected to the Legislature in 1982, then resigned to represent the Los Angeles City Council's new 1st District becoming the first Latina councilwoman. Edward James Olmos is a native of East Los Angeles and portrayed Escalante in the movie, "Stand and Deliver;" he also starred in "Zoot Suit" and plays Lt. Castillo on "Miami Vice."

* Parents and teachers: Have children create a scrapbook titled "People I Admire" and tell them to include news articles and photos of significant role models. They should title the last page, "I'm Next," and draw a self-portrait.

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