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Even Jazy Can't Give Motorized Thieves a Run for Their Money

April 05, 1989

In 1960, Michel Jazy won a silver medal for France by finishing second in the 1,500 meters at the Rome Olympics.

Five years later, Jazy set a world record by running a mile in 3 minutes 53.6 seconds.

The years have taken their toll, however, and Jazy apparently has lost a step or two.

Last weekend, he was in a jewelry store in the southern French town of Agen when it was robbed. The two thieves fled on foot, with Jazy, 52, in pursuit.

One hundred yards or so down the street, Jazy had to admit defeat. Not because he was beaten, but because the thieves had hopped on a motorcycle.

Even Jazy was never that fast.

Trivia: What do Al Weis, formerly of the White Sox, Pedro Gonzales, formerly of the Yankees, and Ken McMullen, formerly of the Dodgers, have in common?

For Pete's sake: Now getting lots of air time in Denver, Dallas and, remarkably, Cincinnati, is a parody of the old Nat (King) Cole hit, "Ramblin' Rose."

Its title?

"Gamblin' Rose," what else?

Omens: The Chicago White Sox might not have done Jerry Reuss any favors by naming him their opening-day pitcher.

Chicago's last three No. 1 starters--Tom Seaver, Rich Dotson and Rick Horton--have been gone by the start of the next season.

A pair of aces: The odds against it must be astronomical, but in Alliance, Neb., last week, a father and son each aced holes in the same round of golf.

Paul Kunzman, 61, got a hole in one on the third hole at the par-70 Skyview Golf Course. A little while later, his son, Bill, 29, aced the seventh hole.

"It's really unreal, it just doesn't happen," the elder Kunzman said.

But it did.

It's a comedy, right?Screenwriter David S. Ward, who wrote the Oscar-winning original screenplay for "The Sting," has a new film out called "Major League."

The film, which opened Monday in Cleveland, has to do with the Indians, long Ward's favorite team despite not having won anything since 1954.

"I chose the Indians because of my longstanding interest in them and because I wanted to do an underdog story," Ward said. "It would be hard to think of a team with more underdog status the past 30 years than the Cleveland Indians."

Trivia answer: In 1963, all three appeared on Pete Rose's rookie baseball card.

Quotebook: Said Milwaukee Brewers Manager Tom Trebelhorn: "Running a club is like raising kids who fall out of trees."

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