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Gionis Bail Is Denied; New Data Is Alleged

April 08, 1989|JIM CARLTON | Times Staff Writer

In concluding that Gionis posed a flight risk, Bostrom said he discounted the testimony Thursday of Gionis' sister, Xanthi, who said she had made the calls to Greece. Bostrom noted that three of the calls last December that she claimed as hers occurred while she actually was traveling in Greece.

In addition, Bostrom cited the passport applications. "It was clear that he had the intention of leaving the country while this investigation was (under way)," the judge said.

Concerned About Victims

Bostrom said the evidence also "gives the court great concern about Wayne's safety and Luby's."

Noting that the crime alleged was a hired assault and in apparent reference to Gionis, Bostrom added, "Wealth and power may be used by an individual to achieve all sorts of (ends)."

Gionis reacted without emotion to Bostrom's decision, giving a resigned smile to his sister before being led away by bailiffs.

Gionis' daughter was to be turned over to her mother Friday for a weekend visit. Although the Wayne family could not be reached for comment, Matthew Gionis, Gionis' father, said Friday from his home in San Diego that she was no longer there. Anastasia has been staying with her grandparents since Gionis was arrested. The elder Gionis declined further comment

On Thursday, Luby filed a lawsuit against Gionis in Orange County Superior Court, seeking unspecified damages for the distress he claimed to have suffered since the assault.

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