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In The Spirit Of 'Men'

April 09, 1989

After reading the poem "Men" by Jo McDougal (Book Review, March 19), I thought you might be interested in another in the same genre.



Editor's note: We reprint Jo McDougal's "Men" in its entirety before printing Thomas McKimmey's poetic rejoinder. MEN

by Jo McDougal

She waits in the car and watches two men

try to sell a truck

to the man who brought her here.

He slams the truck's good door

and lifts the hood.

The men talk,

looking at the ground

as though they were reading something.

She leans back in the car,

glad to be in the company of men.


by Thomas McKimmey

He walks his dog along the dirty street

trying to get some air

for the dog and for himself.

The dog, mahogany-red,

sniffs the ground

then lifts left

rear leg to (urinate)

gazing across the high waving grass.

He pulls hard on the leash

glad to be here with his dog.

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