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NFL DRAFT : WAITING BY PHONE : At the End of a Long Day, USC's Affholter Finally Gets Call From Green Bay

April 24, 1989|STEVE SPRINGER | Times Staff Writer

"That's something I've never really done, (playing in cold weather)," Affholter said, "but football is football. Whether it's rain, snow or sun, hot or 10 below, you've still got to keep your eye on the ball."

And with that, Affholter was ready to go celebrate Sunday night. How? You can bet on one thing. He didn't spend it watching television.

Enough's enough.

When Carnell Lake came to UCLA, he was a running back. When he left, he was an All-American linebacker.

So where's he going to play in the NFL?

Neither of the above.

Lake, a 6-0 1/2, 205-pounder, was selected on the second round Sunday by the Pittsburgh Steelers, who immediately informed the Culver City High School graduate he'll be moving to the defensive backfield.

That doesn't come as any shock to Lake, who knew that his size was going to be a disadvantage in the NFL.

"I played some safety in the East-West Shrine game and in the Senior Bowl," Lake said, "because I was projected there in the pros by the scouts and they wanted to see me at that position. That's probably the best place for me to play. It's really my natural spot. Actually, I was not too far off there this year. With a lot of coverage we were in, it was almost like playing strong safety."

Lake was one of three Bruins drafted on the second round Sunday. Immediately following him was running back Eric Ball, who went to the Cincinnati Bengals. Later in the round, defensive back Darryl Henley was selected by the Rams. And, of course, the first pick of the draft was UCLA quarterback Troy Aikman, who went to the Dallas Cowboys.

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