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THE SPECIAL YEARS : 50 AND BEYOND: THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE : Services: We've Got the Numbers : Southern California Supports Numerous Not-for Profit Services Available to Persons Over 50. Here Are a Few of the More Prominent Groups, Resources and Government Services

May 04, 1989|GREGORY SOKOLOWSKI | Sokolowski is a Times staff editor

Long a retirement center, Southern California supports numerous not-for-profit services available to persons over 50. In recent years, an equal number of for-profit agencies and businesses have appeared to serve a growing clientele.

To provide an idea of the resources offered, we've identified a few of the more prominent groups, resources and government services available to area residents.

Many more resources are accessible through senior citizen centers located in individual communities throughout Southern California. To obtain the name and telephone number of the center in your area, contact the Area Agency on Aging nearest you. Telephone numbers for Southern California AAAs are listed below.

AREA AGENCIES ON AGING The California Department of Aging administers the distribution of federal and state funds for seniors through a series of 33 statewide Area Agencies on Aging. For information on services and groups in your area, telephone the following number that applies to you. Service is available during regular weekday business hours unless otherwise specified.

Area Agency on Aging, City of Los Angeles Department of Aging: (213) 485-4402.

Area Agency on Aging, Los Angeles County: (213) 857-6466.

Area Agency on Aging, Orange County Senior Citizens Information and Referral: (714) 567-7500.

Area Agency on Aging, San Bernardino County: (714) 387-2423

Area Agency on Aging, Riverside County: (714) 683-7780

Area Agency on Aging, San Diego City and County: (619) 560-2500

DIRECTORY FOR SENIORS 1989 Southern California Senior Life Directory: This is a fairly comprehensive list of not-for-profit services, resources and groups of interest to persons over 50. Also contains paid advertisements from for-profit agencies and health-care providers. Available at bookstores for $2.95, or by mail for $3.75 from Southern California Senior Life, 9075 W. Pico Blvd., Suite 203, Los Angeles 90035.

HOT LINES Alzheimer's Disease and Related Diseases Assn. Hot Line: provides counseling, referral, group support and workshops. Telephone (213) 938-3370 in L.A. County; (714) 631-0245 in Orange County.

Elder Abuse Hot Line: (800) 992-1660; sponsored by the L.A. County Dept. of Public Social Services, this hot line works with the L.A. County Adult Protective Services to investigate charges of abuse.

Los Angeles City/County Long-Term-Care Ombudsman: Advocacy group dedicated to maintaining quality care at nursing homes and community-care facilities. Investigates and resolves complaints. Funding is provided by Los Angeles City Area Agency on Aging and the Los Angeles County Department of Community and Senior Citizen Affairs. Telephone (800) 334-WISE; in emergency, when local ombudsman cannot be reached: (800) 231-4024.

EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE L.A. Council on Careers for Older Americans: Private, not-for-profit, central referral service for older workers in L.A. County. Offers counseling on resume writing, job interviewing skills and some training. Older workers seeking employment should telephone (213) 934-1918; employers who would like to hire older workers should telephone (213) 939-0391 to register with the council.

Job Fairs: Each fall, local chapters of the National Council on the Aging sponsor job fairs for older workers throughout the state. Telephone (213) 622-6151 for a job fair location near you.

INSURANCE INFORMATION State of California Department of Insurance Consumer Hot Line: Answers consumer questions, processes complaints, provides referrals. Among the brochures available is "Preventing Medigap Abuse: A Protection Kit for California Seniors." Telephone (800) 233-9045.

LEGAL SERVICE Senior Legal Advocacy Program of Orange County: A part of Legal Aid, this program offers general information as well as representation on certain cases to Orange County residents over 60. Telephone (714) 835-8808. Outside Orange County, seniors can telephone their local Legal Aid office for advice or referral.

LIBRARY SERVICES Library Service to Shut-Ins: L.A. City Public Library program recruits and trains volunteers to deliver library materials to shut-ins citywide. Telephone (213) 752-4167.

NURSING HOME CARE L.A. County Nursing Home Information Referral Service: Refers callers to convalescent homes and boarding homes that have been licensed by L.A. County. Telephone (213) 974-7779.

Los Angeles City/County Long-Term Care Ombudsman: Detailed in "Emergency Hotlines" above. Telephone (800) 334-WISE; in emergency, when local ombudsman cannot be reached: (800) 231-4024

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