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The Scene: Tuesday night's premiere for "Earth Girls Are...

May 04, 1989|KEVIN ALLMAN

The Scene: Tuesday night's premiere for "Earth Girls Are Easy," a new comedy from Vestron Pictures about space aliens landing in the San Fernando Valley. Guests braved hundreds of camera-toting tourists at Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, and then strolled across the street to the Spice nightclub for an after party.

Who Was There: "Earth Girls" stars Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum, Damon Wayans, Jim Carrey and Charles Rocket; actors Nicolas Cage, Shelley Duvall, Randy Quaid, Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Juliet Mills, Maxwell Caulfield, Lou Ferrigno, Spike Lee, Kim Cottrell, Cassandra (Elvira) Peterson, Rick Rossovich, Rain Pryor, Ricky Schroder and Tim Matheson; director Julien Temple; the professional gossips the Hollywood Kids, and about 1,000 others.

Dress Code: Everything from suits and ties to jeans. But who noticed, when there were costumed aliens to watch in their fur jumpsuits, or the eternal charms of actress/billboard personality Angelyne, whose everyday outfit of pink Spandex and mega-decolletage made her look like a Martian imitation of Jayne Mansfield.

Entertainment: At the premiere, guests listened to recorded songs by Depeche Mode and the Jesus and Mary Chain while watching stars arrive. (Julie Brown climbed through the sun roof of her limo onto the sidewalk.) At the party, one could dance, network or get one's hair ratted and sprayed into a bouffant by studio-supplied hairdressers.

Overheard: "Is that your real hair or just a bad wig?" one puzzled partygoer said to another.

Quoted: Julie Brown wore three hats that night, as co-writer and co-star of the movie and host of an MTV special about the premiere. "I hate writing," she confided. "Now that's real work. You come up with the greatest stuff, and your heart gets broken so many times in the process. Honestly, I write just to give myself vehicles to perform in."

Triumphs: Women carrying trays and wearing cigarette-girl outfits worked the party, handing out complimentary hair spray, gel and Lee Press-on Nails.

Glitches: An uninspired little buffet that was more suited to a family reunion than 1,000 hungry moviegoers. After a long evening, guests were less than enchanted to eat raw vegetables and damp egg rolls.

Irony: Hollywood Boulevard at midnight is a more otherworldly milieu than any screenwriter could ever dream up.

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