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With Witness (CBS Sunday at 9 p.m.) Australian director...

May 07, 1989|KEVIN THOMAS

With Witness (CBS Sunday at 9 p.m.) Australian director Peter Weir made an exceptionally potent American debut in this intelligent 1985 romantic thriller, which found Harrison Ford's Philadelphia cop taking refuge in an Amish community, where he and a beautiful young Amish woman (Kelly McGillis) find themselves mutually attracted.

The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (NBC Sunday at 9 p.m.) brings back Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno in a new TV movie reprise of their series. This time out Bixby's research scientist, Dr. David Banner, is thrown in jail for a crime he didn't commit.

Top Gun (NBC Monday at 9 p.m.) is that wildly popular 1986 picture, a male bonding adventure that's both mind-boggling and vacuous. Allegedly based on the Navy's crack fighter pilot program at San Diego's Miramar Naval Base, it sucks us into a high-tech world of multimillion-dollar aircraft and hell-for-leather fliers. Tom Cruise is Maverick, an egotistical hotshot pilot; others involved are Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards.

In the dreadful 1981 comedy, Modern Problems (Channel 5 Tuesday at 8 p.m.), that air traffic controller Chevy Chase develops telekinetic powers through contact with nuclear waste is so grim as to be awe-inspiring in its sheer inappropriateness as a source of humor.

The 1982 Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Channel 13 Tuesday at 8 p.m.) seems an ambitious movie struggling against the formula dictum that teen-agers must never have anything on their minds but sex. Even so there are many believable young people in the film, and they are played by then-such terrific newcomers as Jennifer Jason Leigh, Sean Penn and Judge Reinhold.

The new TV movie Murder by Moonlight (CBS Tuesday at 9 p.m.), a futuristic outer space thriller, stars Brigitte Nielsen, Julian Sands and Gerald McRaney.

In The Money Pit (Channel 5 Wednesday at 8 p.m.), New Yorkers Tom Hanks and Shelley Long succumb to the temptation of grabbing a million-dollar Long Island fixer-upper for a mere $200,000. The stars of this 1986 comedy shine, but it might have been funnier had the catastrophes of remodeling not been laid on quite so thickly.

Blame It on Rio (Channel 11 Wednesday at 8 p.m.) is a misfired 1984 remake of the French film "One Wild Moment" in which Michael Caine, who for once cannot transcend his material, plays a middle-aged vacationer who winds up in an affair with the teen-age daughter (Michelle Johnson) of his best friend (Joseph Bologna).

Three Amigos (Channel 13 Wednesday at 8 p.m.), a very broad spoof of silent movie making, requires a total ignorance of the era for the humor of this 1986 film to have a hope of seeming funny. The trio of inept 1916 stars--Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short--not surprisingly turn real-life heroes.

That multi-Oscar winner One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest returns on Channel 5 Thursday at 8 p.m., and The Heavenly Kid (Channel 13 Thursday at 8 p.m.) is a highly derivative and unfunny 1985 teen fantasy comedy that is entirely skippable.

Amityville: The Evil Escapes (NBC Friday at 9 p.m.) is a new TV movie starring Patty Duke as a mother confronted with a mysterious evil force threatening to destroy her family.

Dim Sum: A Little Bit of Heart (Channel 28 Friday at 11:30 p.m.) evokes with tenderness and humor the plight of a young Chinese-American woman (Laureen Chew) trying to leave her mother (Kim Chew) in order to make a life of her own. An endearing gem of a film.

Saturday evening offers a lineup of familiar fare: 9 to 5 (Channel 5 at 6 p.m.), On Golden Pond (Channel 5 at 8 p.m.), A Fistful of Dollars (Channel 13 at 10 p.m.) and Hitchcock's Sabotage (Channel 28 at 10 p.m.).

The ratings checks on movies in the TV log are provided by the Tribune TV Log listings service.

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