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City Attorney Draws Criticism

May 07, 1989

A city attorney is charged with the responsibility of being a fair, impartial and objective reference source to all of a city's citizens. In effect, a city attorney is supposed to be the most law-abiding protector of the legal rights of a city and its citizens.

Robert Myers, appointed city attorney in Santa Monica, is openly anything but fair, impartial or law abiding. . . . He has been arrested and handcuffed numerous times. He is then always released by frustrated legitimate legal officials.

In Santa Monica, anything his political cohorts do is determined to be legal by the city attorney or not worthy of punishment. . . . Much that is done by those who disagree with his personal beliefs is determined by the burgeoning city attorney's office to be illegal.

He uses the city attorney's office as a weapon, forcing anyone who stands up to him and his allies . . . into court. Of course, Santa Monica taxpayers pay the bill on his side, but he forces his opponents to spend millions to defend their rights.

Judges and appellate courts outside of Santa Monica call this an "Alice in Wonderland" legal system.

Robert Myers can keep court cases going for years when he wants to.

The appointed (not elected) Robert Myers is another classic example of how Santa Monica politics has become a self-serving, self-justifying feeding trough for a small group of power seekers.


Santa Monica

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