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May 12, 1989

Count to 10.

That's often the advice you receive when somebody says or does something to upset you. But sometimes, even counting to 100 does not cool your boiling anger.

Hot Topics asks: "What causes you to lose your temper?"

"I lose my temper when someone lies to me or if someone talks behind my back."

Jewell Bennett, 16,

sophomore, Bethel Baptist

"When I want to go shopping, and my grandmother says no."

Angel Rodriguez, 16,

sophomore, Bethel Baptist

"My two brothers and two sisters, but how can you control it when they are twins? Two sets! They drive me crazy!"

Cindy Doyle, 15,

freshman, Bethel Baptist

"When nothing seems to go my way."

Michelle Davenport, 15,

sophomore, Bethel Baptist

"My little sisters. I have four of them, and they can really be a pain sometimes. In fact, they are a pain most of the time."

Becky Williams, 16,

junior, Bethel Baptist

"When people stereotype me and put me and the things I do into categories."

John Winstanley, 14,

freshman, Brea-Olinda

"When cops and security give us trouble about skating in public areas."

Scott Shafer, 14,

freshman, Brea-Olinda

"When things I'm counting on fall through or when someone yells at me for something minor."

Rachelle Miles, 17,

junior, Brea-Olinda

"When people aren't courteous to others."

Jairo Macedo, 16,

sophomore, Brea-Olinda

"When people prejudge others. Too many people judge others and miss out on a good thing because they aren't willing to get to know someone on the inside, where it counts."

Kelli R. Rundle, 16,

sophomore, Brea-Olinda

"When the Dodgers lose because of one bad pitch by Fernando."

Kathryn Yang, 14,

freshman, Esperanza

"Guys who do not treat their girlfriends with respect."

Andrew Durand, 18,

senior, Esperanza

"Peace protesters--people who protest against the military--and hippies."

Greg Olquin, 14,

freshman, Esperanza

"Lots of things, but especially when you're dying of thirst and in the refrigerator some joker has left one-eighth of a centimeter of a drink in the container."

Kathleen Irwin, 17,

senior, Esperanza

"When people talk about you behind your back, yet don't have the nerve to confront you face to face."

Angela Tocher, 14,

freshman, Estancia

"When someone promises you they'll do something for you and then don't follow through."

Tracy Carlsen, 15,

freshman, Estancia

"People that are impatient. Time is everything, I agree, but if you don't take the time to do something right, time will be wasted trying to correct it."

Terri Mowrey, 15,

sophomore, Estancia

"When people call my steer a cow."

Erik Jarvi, 18,

senior, Fullerton

"When people take my stuff without asking."

Casey Horton, 17,

senior, Fullerton

"When I get a grade I don't think I deserve."

Robby Hull, 16,

junior, Fullerton

"When my brother tried to embarrass me."

Rachel Ede, 15,

freshman, Fullerton

"Freshmen that think they are too cool."

Sarah Faye, 16,

sophomore, Laguna Hills

"When I am losing a tennis match, which is every time I play."

Brian Anthony, 17,

junior, Laguna Hills

"People that jump around all the time."

Pam Piscitelli, 16,

junior, Laguna Hills

"When people call me stupid."

Joe Woo, 18,

senior, Laguna Hills

"Every time I see one of those 'I Love My Dog' bumper stickers."

Debbie Faye, 16,

sophomore, Laguna Hills

"People who ask stupid questions, make stupid decisions or give stupid answers."

Bill Norris, 18,

senior, Loara

"People doing nothing when there's work to be done."

Tom Hsieh, 16,

junior, Loara

"Slow drivers and big-mouthed people who think they know everything."

Brian Sage, 16,

junior, Loara

"When people are fake or two-faced or when they use other people to get what they want."

Kelly Holmes, 16,

sophomore, Mission Viejo

"When people get trendy and wear beads and braids, and how after the Grateful Dead concert they think they're hippies."

Charlene Kelly, 16,

sophomore, Mission Viejo

"People who wear Oakley blades (sunglasses) in class."

Rachel Gasperra, 16,

sophomore, Mission Viejo

"When I come to school every day and when I get stuck in traffic."

Donavon Frankenreiter, 16,

sophomore, Mission Viejo

"When I make a bad shot in a tennis match."

Stefan Poeting, 18,

senior, Orange

"When something does not go my way or when I am frustrated."

Chris Franklin, 17,

senior, Orange

"When people start bugging me, up to a certain point."

Hector Wong, 16,

junior, Orange

"When people judge others."

Deanne Kopanke, 18,

senior, Orange

"When people hang up on me on the phone."

Chris Thompson, 16,

sophomore, Orange

"When people are rude to me for no reason at all."

Tracy Dovidio, 17,

junior, Rosary

"When people treat other people unfairly because of racial reasons."

Cathy Morcillo, 16,

junior, Rosary

"When my older sister takes my possessions, without asking, and then denies taking them."

Ann Riffel, 17,

junior, Rosary

"When annoying people bug me."

Julie Warren, 17,

senior, Santa Ana

"When a person is in front of me, and they drive too slow."

Art Cervantes, 18,

senior, Santa Ana

"When people criticize me and I'm not in a good mood."

Damon Bland, 18,

senior, Santa Ana

"When I'm asked too many questions."

Greg Ackerman, 18,

senior, Tustin

"Immature ex-boyfriends who won't talk to me."

Joanna Garfein, 16,

sophomore, Villa Park

"Being misquoted in a newspaper."

Robin Loss, 16,

junior, Villa Park

"Girls with bad attitudes."

Dan Hare, 18,

senior, Villa Park

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Hot Topic responses gathered by Angela Conner, Roxane Dyrud, Kyra Kirkwood, Jooyoung Lee, Steve Lee, Jason Loeb, Monica Neal, Hai Pham, Gabriel Saldivar, Jeff Santelli, Kim Snow, Janet Stouder and Ed White.

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