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May 21, 1989

In response to "Beirut Reels Under Savage Shelling; 16 Killed, 53 Hurt," Part I, Page 16, May 9:

The article states: "Remorseless artillery fire battered Beirut . . . most savage shelling of Lebanon . . . 2,000 shells, rockets, mortars . . . nearly two-month battle . . . 316 dead and 1,184 injured . . . hospitals, schools . . . hit in relentless eight-hour barrage. . . ."

The Christian sector is being decimated by some 20,000-30,000 Syrian occupying forces along with Syrian-backed Lebanese Muslims. All this under the guise of Syria's occupation being that of "the settling police force" to keep the peace in Lebanon.

Where are Christian leaders raising their voices anywhere in the world (including the Pope) to help stave off the massacre of their fellow Christians? Why haven't Arab brothers and sisters anywhere in the world become vocal on behalf of their fellow Arabs?

Have we witnessed any emergency sessions within the United Nations to condemn the slaughter of Arabs by other Arabs? Why? Why? No daily words from the press on front pages or television strongly condemning this genocide. The silence is terrifying!

Apparently, the death of an Arab only becomes meaningful and worthy of headlines and international condemnation when a Jewish Israeli pulls the trigger.


Sherman Oaks

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