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Newsletter Enlarges Its Horizons

May 27, 1989|ROBERT LACHMAN | Times Staff Writer

Woody's News is going big time.

That might not be significant to you but it is to the 200 subscribers of this Orange County bimonthly newsletter published by photographer Woody Blackburn.

Blackburn started Woody's News 2 years ago as an educational tool for students in classes he teaches, using his home computer and charging $25 a year.

The expanded version, now a full-fledged magazine called "Photography Today," will debut Aug. 15.

"I was at the point where I wanted to quit doing it because it was consuming all of my days off and evenings writing and researching the articles," said Blackburn, who also works as a salesman at Cal's Camera in Costa Mesa.

"I decided (we either had) to scrap it or to go with a much bigger publication with a staff. Many of my students . . . encouraged me to move ahead and do it right and get advertisers and put together a staff."

The new version will consist of 24 pages including advertising. It will offer something for readers with a special photographic interest in addition to technical and practical hints for advanced and amateur photographers.

Each issue will also have a theme and the price will be $19.95 per year for six issues.

For information, write: Photography Today, P.O. Box 429, Yorba Linda, Calif. 92686 or call (714) 828-0881.

Blackburn is excited about entering this competitive market. He's also counting on his experience both in teaching and selling cameras to come in handy.

"I'm fortunate to have the best of both worlds," he said. "I can meet the students at their level. I know the products that are coming out on the market. As a professional photographer, I know how they can be applied by the serious photographer. I get a three-pointed insight. I think that puts me in a unique spot."

The Photography Column, which runs Saturdays in Orange County Life, is intended to help the serious amateur and weekend shooter. Questions and ideas are encouraged. Write to: Robert Lachman, Photography Department, The Times Orange County Edition, 1375 Sunflower Ave., Costa Mesa, Calif. 92626.

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