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Hermosa Beach to Hire Replacement for Ailing City Atty. Remelmeyer

June 01, 1989|BOB WILLIAMS | Times Staff Writer

Hermosa Beach officials said they will hire another interim city attorney to replace Stanley Remelmeyer, 70, who underwent heart surgery Friday after experiencing chest pain.

Remelmeyer, who was in stable condition Wednesday, had planned to fill in as Hermosa Beach's chief legal adviser for two or three months while the city seeks a permanent city attorney. Remelmeyer retired in November after 32 years as Torrance's city attorney and had been in the Hermosa Beach post for two weeks when he became ill.

"We're very sorry it didn't work out," City Manager Kevin Northcraft said. "Our hope now is that Stanley has a speedy recovery."

A Los Angeles law firm, Oliver, Stoever, Barr & Einboden already handles the city's non-liability litigation and is expected to take over Remelmeyer's duties until an interim city attorney is named, Northcraft said.

The vacancy came up when James Lough resigned, effective May 15, to take another position in Northern California. Northcraft said Remelmeyer attended a couple of meetings and conferred with staff members during his short stay.

Other Candidates Dropped

"We were all very impressed with Stan," he said. "When he's back on his feet, maybe he'll be able to continue helping us with some projects he started."

Northcraft said the City Council dropped several other candidates for the interim post when members heard that Remelmeyer was available. When his appointment was announced early last month, Remelmeyer said that after his long term as Torrance's city attorney, he wanted to learn more about how other cities operate.

Northcraft said the Los Angeles law firm will be paid a base fee of $3,700 a month, the same rate received by Remelmeyer.

Remelmeyer was hospitalized after he complained of chest pains while attending a fund-raising dinner in San Pedro last Thursday for Assemblyman Gerald N. Felando (R-San Pedro). He is recovering from triple-bypass surgery at Torrance Memorial Hospital Medical Center. A spokeswoman said it is too early for doctors to know when he will be released.

However, Torrance Mayor Katy Geissert, a longtime friend and neighbor, said she expected him to recover quickly. "Knowing Stan, I don't think this is going to slow him down for long," Geissert said. "He'll be back on the local scene before long and active as always."

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