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MacLaine Defended

June 04, 1989

In response to Rosemary C. Watson's criticism of Shirley MacLaine (Letters, May 21):

If God is the answer and the answer lies within, then an "inner workout" might actually be "dealing with God" more than Watson imagines.

If she tried it, she would see that it has nothing to do with "a profitable cop-out."

And in regard to the letter of Jackie Kahn: I'm glad that Shirley had the courage to risk public ridicule and "impose" her views on me.

To borrow from the titles of two of MacLaine's books: I now find it a lot easier to go "out on a limb," and my life is so much more upbeat and meaningful that I feel like I'm "dancing in the light."

Thanks, Shirley!


Sherman Oaks

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