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Gehry and Disney Hall

June 04, 1989

The Times has become a powerful venue for promoting the work of Frank Gehry. Fair enough. But are there no dissenting voices out there?

It seems incredible that such an architectural plum as the Disney Symphony Hall has been entrusted to a man who is "confused as to what's ugly and what's pretty."

He is also fond of saying that if his work results in ugliness, it is because the city is ugly. Some of your writers covering this story have termed these remarks refreshing and engaging.

Walt Disney knew the difference between beauty and ugliness, and an appreciative Disney audience continues to expand and to grow.

The new Symphony Hall may well compromise the enduring beauty of the existing Music Center buildings, now celebrating 25 years as the crown jewel in the heart of Los Angeles.

Will Gehry's "playful corrugated iron, chain-link and plywood style" wear as well for another 25 years?


Los Angeles

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