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June 11, 1989

GATES OF PARADISE by V. C. Andrews (Pocket: $5.50). The Casteel family curse claims the lives of Heaven Leigh and her husband Logan and the legacy is resumed with daughter Annie.

THE TOYNBEE CONVECTOR by Ray Bradbury (Bantam: $3.95). Collection of this futurist's most recent short stories.

THE RATS by James Herbert (Signet: $3.95). It's a war between humans and a race of superrodents, and the rats are winning.

SWAN DIVE by Jeremiah Healy (Pocket: $3.95). Detective John Cuddy's gun is found in the hotel room of a jumper from a 12-story window.

LETOURNEAU'S USED AUTO PARTS by Carolyn Chute (Perennial: $7.95). Miracle City, Me., is the home of an auto parts shop that doubles as a social center, shrewdly and benevolently run by Big Lucien.


THE MORMON MURDERS: A True Story of Greed, Forgery, Deceit, and Death by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith (Onyx: $4.95). A series of bombings and suspected forgeries of church documents shake the institution's foundation.

FIREFIGHTERS: Their Lives in Their Own Words by Dennis Smith (Dell: $4.95). Firefighters across the country relive some of their most harrowing and heroic moments.

THE RIDDLE OF AMISH CULTURE by Donald B. Kraybill (Johns Hopkins University Press: $8.95). Revelations about this culture that stubbornly and successfully resists the 20th Century.

CRIMEWARPS: The Future of Crime in America by Georgette Bennett (Anchor: $9.95). Criminologist uses statistics to destroy some typical myths and constructs disarming truths.

BUYING INTO AMERICA: How Foreign Money Is Changing the Face of Our Nation by Martin and Susan Tolchin (Berkley: $4.95). Analysis of the impact on our economic and political systems caused by surging foreign investments.


RETIRING ON YOUR OWN TERMS by James Ellison, Doris Reardon, et al. (Crown: $16.95). A guide and workbook to assist pre-retirees in gaining the most secure and satisfactory living conditions.

THE SENIOR CITIZENS' HANDBOOK by Wesley J. Smith (Price Stern Sloan: $9.95). Tips on health care, insurance, estate planning, living arrangements and more are in large-type format.

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