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June 14, 1989

In response to "Trading in Favors," by James Bovard, Op-Ed Page, May 30:

Bovard makes the statement, "Motorola has chosen to invest its resources in Washington rather than in manufacturing products to customers' demands." This is patently unfair and completely untrue.

Michael Galvin, who is castigated by Bovard, is the grandson of Paul Galvin whose technical and entrepreneurial genius gave the world the battery eliminator, which led to the first successful automobile radio--which Motorola produced by the millions to meet customer demand. Motorola under the guidance of Michael's father, Robert Galvin, pioneered mobile communications, which provide two-way communication for police, ambulances, fire equipment, taxis, trains and a multitude of other applications, which meet customers' demands. In recent years, Motorola has been a leader in the development of the cellular phone system.

Motorola meets customers' demands by developing and manufacturing a broad line of high-quality communication equipment, used worldwide. Motorola employs about 70,000 people in the U.S. A real contribution to our society.

Bovard adversely criticizes Michael Galvin for his efforts in one area to try to negate the trade barriers established in a grossly unfair and a virtually unassailable array by the Japanese.

(I have never been an employee of Motorola.)


Santa Ana

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