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June 14, 1989

Oh, Santa Margarita High is going to be the most powerful, most dominant force in Orange County high school athletics. At least that's what most athletic officials from other county schools are saying.

Part of their fear is stoked by the sight of the $26 million campus, complete with a few crystal chandeliers, a computer hookup for every student and a cable television station.

But the fact is that only 500 students, all freshmen and sophomores, attended the school this past year, its second in existence. It has yet to win a Southern Section or state title, or even a varsity league championship.

So for the record, The Times, as a prep service, would like to clear up some misconceptions regarding Santa Margarita.

Yes, there are a number of expensive cars parked in the school lot.

No, valet parking is not available.

Yes, the school is planning to build a football stadium in the near future.

No, it will not include luxury boxes or the Raiders.

Yes, athletic contests are broadcast on the school's cable television channel.

No, the school has not signed a contract with ESPN.

Yes, Santa Margarita has a full complement of teams.

No, it does not yet have a league to play in.

Yes, the school's teams have some very nice uniforms.

No, they were not designed by Calvin Klein.

Yes, Santa Margarita has a magnificent gymnasium.

No, it will not play host to the Final Four in the year 2000.

Yes, the school has a cafeteria.

No, students do not have to call ahead for reservations.

Yes, there is a baseball field.

No, it doesn't have Diamond Vision.

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