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Prep Wednesday : 1988-89 YEAR IN SPORTS : THEY SAID IT

June 14, 1989

"You can do a lot of things outdoors that you can't do indoors. We do a lot more work on our outside game when we play indoors, but outdoors, we were able to get a very good game going indoors."

--Capistrano Valley basketball Coach Mark Thornton, perhaps a little woozy from the sun at the Capistrano Beach summer tournament. By the way, it was outdoors.

"I'll have to remind Jon at the dinner table that you don't swear at an umpire who's bleeding."

--Pam Montgomery on her son, Jon, an outfielder on the Sunny Hills baseball team who had been ejected by an umpire. The umpire earlier sustained cuts on his face from a foul ball and had to be attended by paramedics.

"I just thought touchdown . . . score . . . six points."

--An out-of-breath Rick Griego after returning an interception 53 yards for a touchdown in Loara's 12-0 victory over Anaheim.

"I'm oh-so-happy to see him graduate. I'd pay for his college education. He must have run for 700 yards in his three games against us."

--Mater Dei Coach Chuck Gallo after watching Servite running back Derek Brown rush for 246 yards and four touchdowns in 21 carries in his third and final game against Mater Dei in three seasons.

"Anybody who is a temporary teacher, who does not have a contract, will not be back in the fall and that's not just coaches, it's any teacher."

--Lawrence Kemper, Huntington Beach Union High School District superintendent, on the adoption of a plan to fight declining enrollment in the district. Sunset League coaches Chris Ramsey (Marina football), Scott Glab (Marina wrestling), Randy Williams (Edison basketball), John Herman (Edison boys' volleyball), Kari Quinlan (Huntington Beach field hockey), Les Wolfe (Fountain Valley assistant basketball) and Bob McAllister (Westminster track and field) lost their jobs after the end of the school year.

"She's the kind of person we need in New York. If we wind up getting mugged, she'd probably talk the guy out of his money."

--Brea-Olinda girls' basketball Coach Mark Trakh on street-wise, wise-cracking point guard Aimee McDaniel before the Wildcats played in the Christ the King tournament in Queens.

"Nah, nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, hey, goodby."

--Brea-Olinda girls' basketball fans after the Wildcats took a 2-0 lead over Atascadero in the Southern Section 3-A championship game. Brea won, 69-40.

"If I wanted to make a point, I'd play football. I just want to play baseball."

--Heather Drummond, outfielder on the Katella freshman baseball team.

"I'm 17, I want to be a kid a while longer."

--El Dorado swimmer Janet Evans on choosing to swim at Stanford instead of accepting lucrative endorsement offers.

"I just have to say this: He better not forget who's the originator and who's the imitator. He better strap it on real good. Real good."

--Crespi running back Russell White, speaking of Derek Brown of Servite before the state's top running backs faced each other.

"No (he's not angry). He's just ready to play."

--Jerry Person, Servite coach, asked if Brown was angry after reading Russell White's comments.

" He's angry."

--Person, asked about linebacker Garrett Greedy after reading White's comments.

"I had a lot to prove and I think I showed them pretty good."

--Derek Brown after out-rushing Russell White, 312-81, in the Crespi-Servite game on Oct. 1.

"The candy's not the same here."

--University runner Tanja Brix had a tough time adjusting to the U.S. after moving from Copenhagen at age 8.

"We've just won the state championship. This one was huge, dude."

--Aimee McDaniel, Brea-Olinda girls' basketball player, after the Wildcats won their 31st game of the season, 70-46, over San Francisco Mercy in the State Division III title game in Oakland.

"I take a beating, I give a beating and when the game is over I'm beat up."

--Joe Pastrello, Katella fullback and linebacker.


"Sunny Hills is far and away the favorite. They have the biggest-name kids coming back. . . . I can't think of their names at the moment."

--Sonora Coach Phil Henderson, assessing the Freeway League basketball race.


"He lived there, he just didn't live there enough."

--Ocean View basketball Coach Jim Harris on a district ruling that made one of his lower-level basketball players ineligible for not meeting residency requirements.

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