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Thoughts on Rejection of South Pasadena School Tax

June 15, 1989

The comments in local newspapers by opponents of Proposition A, South Pasadena's school tax measure that fell short of the two-thirds majority required for passage, are nothing short of incredible. They are claiming victory. They are incredibly wrong.

The members of the South Pasadena Taxpayers Assn. have successfully fought or supported five different ballot measures in the past five years. We think we can recognize a victory when we see one.

All of these elections were of the 50%-plus-one-vote variety. Democracy in action. Real old-fashioned elections. The only thing we should need 66% elections for are constitutional amendments.

The opponents of the measure simply don't understand that they lost badly. Sixty-three percent of the people of South Pasadena disagree with them. By a mere 181 votes, the people of South Pasadena failed to provide our children with the quality education they deserve.

You claim victory, but what you got was defeat of a decent education for the children of South Pasadena.


Treasurer, South Pasadena

Taxpayers Assn.

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