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June 15, 1989|EDWARD J. BOYER

*James Perez, a native of East Los Angeles, acknowledges that he will be living in a fishbowl, but he sees his new job as chief of the FBI's Office of Equal Opportunity as a "fantastic adventure."

A federal judge in Texas ruled last year that hundreds of Latino FBI agents have been discriminated against and regularly assigned to demeaning duties. Noting that the suit has focused attention on how Latino agents are assigned and promoted, Perez said FBI Director William S. Sessions "has asked me to look at all facets of FBI operations and make recommendations directly to him."

Perez, 53, is a graduate of Cathedral High School in Los Angeles.

* First-time home buyers call or show up from as far away as Riverside, Orange County and Ventura, and all have variations on the same question: "I want to buy a house, but I don't know how." Los Angeles' Home Loan Counseling Center has answered that question for nearly 100,000 people since it was established 11 years ago, and all the services are free, said Gloria Ancira of the center's staff.

The center advises home buyers on questions ranging from affordability to escrow. "Through our center, buyers can avoid mistakes that could eventually cost them their homes," she said. Information: (213) 747-0807 or 224-8011.

* "I guess you could say the role was written for me," Robert Beltran said of his character Juan in "Scenes From the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills." Beltran, who was born in Bakersfield, plays a servant to a character portrayed by Jacqueline Bisset.

Director Paul Bartel first mentioned the role to Beltran on the set of "Eating Raoul," in which the actor made his film debut.

Beltran said he has "an instinctive feeling about Juan. He doesn't realize he's a rough jewel."

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