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HIGH LIFE : Student Plans for Summer Include Work, Fun, Travel

June 16, 1989

"Summertime, and the living is easy" . . . unless, of course, you have to spend all of your time working or attending summer school.

But the sun and the beach beckon, as do far-off tropical locations and just plain ol' sleeping in, so Hot Topics wonders: "How are you going to spend your summer vacation?"

"Working and earning money for college."

Chona Valencia, 18, senior, Brea-Olinda

"Well, I have to go to summer school, but I'll be playing softball and volleyball. I also plan on working and going to the beach whenever I find the time."

Joy Stephens, 17, junior, Brea-Olinda

"Sleeping late in the mornings except on the days that I go surfing with my friends. Also, I'm going on vacation with my family."

Josh Mullen, 15, freshman, Brea-Olinda

"I'm going to surf all summer and visit the girl I like. Maybe my friends and I will spend a week or so in Mexico surfing."

Daniel J. Lichman, 17, junior, Brea-Olinda

"Working to get money for college."

Howard Song, 18, senior, Capistrano Valley

"Swimming, sleeping and vacationing."

Jack Dietz, 16, junior, Capistrano Valley

"Going to Hawaii to surf the big waves of North Shore."

Greg Hanway, 16, junior, Capistrano Valley

"Going to Europe."

Gina Bolini, 18, senior, Capistrano Valley

"Working to make lots of money."

John Cable, 17, junior, Capistrano Valley

"Going to parties in Jamaica, Montego Bay and Aruba. Also, working very hard so I can hopefully not be in debt for the rest of the summer."

Paulette Lombardi, 18, senior, Esperanza

"Working, going to the beach, going to clubs and being with friends."

Elaine Kato, 17, senior, Esperanza

"Exploring my future plans."

Dante Padre, 14, freshman, Esperanza


Scott Schellhese, 14, freshman, Esperanza

"Our family is going on a four-week vacation to the Northeast--17 states and two Canadian provinces."

Scott Gilmore, 14, freshman, Esperanza

"Working and going to St. Louis."

Michelle Stolar, 17, junior, Estancia

"At the beach, working and partying."

Kevin Curren, 18, senior, Estancia

"Working most of the time."

Anna Gause, 16, junior, Heritage

"Partying every day and night."

Shay Falk, 18, senior, Heritage

"Relaxing around the house."

Kim Henry, 14, freshman, Heritage

"Traveling around the United States."

Steve Lee, 16, sophomore, Heritage

"Working on my computer and relaxing."

Dante Bullock, 14, freshman, Heritage

"Working, working and working."

Jennifer Dolan, 16, junior, Irvine

"Working a lot and planning the future."

Naomi Ohtate, 16, junior, Irvine

"Going to Florida for relaxation."

Christi Poehlman, 17, junior, Irvine

"In the sun on the island of Jamaica."

Jennifer Spencer, 18, senior, Irvine

"Going to summer school and getting a job."

Ruth Agatep, 15, freshman, Pacifica

"Working at a bookstore, and I plan to show my boyfriend around the town when he visits me from Texas."

Patti Alvarado, 17, junior, Pacifica

"Playing volleyball and summer-league softball. I hope to be working, too. I'm also going to ASB (student government) camp, the beach and having a lot of fun before my senior year. I'll also be sending in my college application."

Jennifer Palczewski, 17, junior, Pacifica

"Life-guarding, playing polo and taking a short trip to Hawaii, hopefully."

Dan Flinn, 17, junior, San Clemente

"Working, getting ready to leave for college and hanging out with my friends as much as possible before I leave for school."

Francine Levy, 18, senior, San Clemente

"Working, summer school and going on little trips."

Peter Barzillai, 17, junior, San Clemente

"Spending my time on the beach after 12 easy years of education."

Marc Bohn, 17, senior, San Clemente

"Living in Seattle, being a counselor at a camp and playing summer league volleyball."

Karen Anderson, 17, junior, San Clemente

"Traveling to Florida and Hawaii."

Cari Calvy, 16, junior, Tustin

"Water skiing."

Katie Melcher, 18, senior, Tustin

"Going on a cruise to Mexico."

Brady Michel, 18, senior, Tustin

"Water skiing and summer school, but I don't want to go to summer school."

Stephanie Fry, 16, sophomore, Villa Park

"Chaperoning the Washington field trip for graduating eighth-graders, and I will be a foreign exchange student to Belgium for one month."

Julie Thomason, 18, senior, Villa Park

"Working and saving money for college. Also, a bunch of us are going to visit a camp where our English teacher works."

Heather Iger, 17, senior, Villa Park

"Taking a pre-calculus class at a junior college and working to pay for college."

Nadia Davis, 18, senior, Villa Park

"Going to Mammoth and taking a geometry course at a junior college."

Kirstan Kirkwood, 16, sophomore, Villa Park

"Going to the beach and Hawaii and partying a lot with my friends. I'm also going to take the driver's test to get my license."

Heather Wiltschire, 15, freshman, Western

"I'm going to be traveling and visit my cousins in London."

Vesna Futado, 16, sophomore, Western

"Going to Universal Studios and Magic Mountain."

Seth Pizzo, 15, sophomore, Western

"I'm going to spend my summer vacation in Chihuahua, Mexico, with my family and friends."

Shean Cervantes, 18, senior, Western

"Besides working and attending cheerleading camp, I'm going to try and spend every sun-and-fun-filled moment with my friends."

Leslie Okerstrom, 15, sophomore, Western

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Hot Topic responses were gathered by Angela Conner, John Doney, Crystal Fu, Kyra Kirkwood, Cutie Lee, Jooyoung Lee, Heather Orey, Hai Pham, Cindy Shaver, Adria Silva and Ed White

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