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Films going into production:

June 18, 1989|David Pecchia \f7

California Casanova (Rumar). Shooting in L.A. Action, romance and comedy are promised in this project starring Audrey Landers, Jerry Orhbach and Tyrone Power Jr. Landers plays an unknown singer aspiring to be a household name when she falls for the dashing Power Jr. Executive producers Ruth Landers and Mark Polan. Producer Randy Pope. Director/screenwriter Nat Christian. Also stars Michelle Johnston, Bryon Genosse, Jenna Pangburn and Steve Guri.

Ford Fairlane (Silver). Shooting in L.A. Priscilla Presley is a "girl Friday" to disagreeable comic Andrew (Dice) Clay in this offbeat murder mystery. Executive producer Michael Levy. Producers Joel Silver and Steve Perry. Director Renny Harlin. Screenwriter Dan Waters. Distributor Fox. Early 1990 release.

The Exorcist: 1990 (Morgan Creek/Carter De Haven). Shooting in Washington and North Carolina. George C. Scott takes over "The Exorcist" Lee J. Cobb role as a detective investigating a series of grisly ritualistic murders. Jason Miller plays a patient who holds a clue to the guilty party's identity as William Peter Blatty directs/writes. Executive producer James G. Robinson and Joe Roth. Producer Carter De Haven. Also stars Sylvia Sidney, Brad Dourif and Ed Flanders. Distributor Fox.

Frankenstein Unbound (Byron). Shooting in Italy. Raul Julia plays the title character in Roger Corman's first directing assignment in 18 years. In the yarn, a modern-day scientist shoots back through time to discover that Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's (Bridget Fonda) maniacal scientist actually existed. Producers Corman, Thom Mount and Kobi Jaeger. Screenwriters Corman, Ed Neumeier and F. X. Feeney.

One Cup of Coffee (Bullpen/Open Road). Shooting in L.A. Baseball drama circa 1959 that centers on an aging player and his friendship with a promising 17-year-old black pitcher. Producers Eric Tynan Young and Robin B. Armstrong. Director Armstrong. Screenwriter D. M. Eyre Jr. Stars William Russ, Scott Plank, Glenn Plummer and Noble Willingham.

Setup (Guber-Peters). Shooting in L.A. Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell are rival cops. In fact, they're both considered the best in town until a mob boss has them framed in a crime for which they are imprisoned. While in the slammer, the two are confronted by a number of inmates they personally sent there, so getting the heck out is in their best interest. Executive producer Peter Macdonald. Producers Jon Peters and Peter Guber. Screenwriter Randy Feldman. Distributor Warner Bros.

The Teddy Bear Habit (Advocate). Shooting in New York. Sam Waterston, Roger Daltrey, George Carlin and Jonathan Winters star in this story of a Greenwich Village young boy and his wacky artist father. Waterston is the father, a ne'er-do-well painter who struggles sans spouse to raise this youngster who clings to a teddy bear for security. Executive producer David Stern. Producers Kevin Breslin, Deren Getz and William Gerrity. Director Jon Small. Screenwriters Rosemary Breslin and James Lincoln Collier. Also stars Bill Hickey, Betty Comden and Henny Youngman.

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