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U.S., Israel and Conrad

June 18, 1989

On June 10, The Times reported on China, "U.S. Calls Reprisals Against Dissident Leaders Repugnant." In the same issue it was also reported, "U.S. Vetoes U.N. Resolution Condemning Israel on Arab Areas."

The excuse for this latest unanimous U.N. vote against Israel (excepting us, of course) was that the resolution did not carry a condemnation of the Palestinian "violence."

As the historical facts show, these people are fighting for their freedom and that the basic mode of resistance has been stones against guns. Further facts are that it has been for the most part children who have been the victims of this ongoing policy.

Recently, there has been a number of letters condemning Conrad for his cartoons on Israel (June 8 and 12). Quite typically these letters summon up the old Israel is a "democracy" bit, and point fingers at others such as Syria, the Soviet Union, and now with the new opportunity of diverting attention away from Israel we are supposed to direct our righteousness towards China.

The U.S. does not give any of these nations $3.5 billion a year as we do for Israel. Since the intifada began in December, 1987, we have given Israel $5 billion. This comes out to $10 million for each Palestinian killed.

A thorough knowledge of what is behind this undaunted support of Israel assaults one's very sense of national respect. Americans should start to ask themselves what is it that compels children to lay down their lives time and time and time again, and what is behind our support of this Israeli policy while we go chasing after everything else?


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