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Jerry Hulse's Travel Tips

A bonus of two free nights at Tamarron Resort in Colorado...

June 18, 1989|JERRY HULSE

A bonus of two free nights at Tamarron Resort in Colorado is being offered to vacationers flying with America West from Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Long Beach, Ontario, Burbank. The fare ($199) includes lodging (based on double occupancy). Tamarron is eight miles outside Durango in San Juan National Forest. A luxury resort featuring tennis, riding, fishing, biking, river rafting, golf. Side trips to the Weminuche Wilderness area and the 1840s mining town of Silverton.

Telephone Tamarron toll-free: (800) 678-1000. Ask about "Colorado's Cool Off" package.

Colorado Guide

Colorado is "my" state. I was born there, and fervently hope the developers respect its beauty. I'm particularly devoted to the San Juans and the little town of Ouray (the "Switzerland of America") and nearby Telluride.

To acquaint readers with the state's offerings, the Colorado Tourism Board has produced a slick 144-page guide that divides Colorado into six regions. Describes attractions, tours, resorts, accommodations, guest ranches. Provides telephone numbers for dozens of chambers of commerce and resort associations. Other pages devoted to fishing, national and state parks, wildlife, skiing, ghost towns, balloon tours, Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods, the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, the Continental Divide.

Free copies of this coffee-table guide from the Colorado Tourism Board, 1625 Broadway, Suite 1700, Denver, Colo. 80202, or call toll-free (800) 433-2656.

Discount Travel

A note from Thomas Joyce of Afterhours Travel (specialist in low-cost flights to Europe) announces a $645 summer fare to London ("without the hassle of advance-purchase restrictions"). Afterhours also does last-minute "long lead advance bookings." Joyce says unlimited space is available on the London flights. Other destinations: Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels, Zurich, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Copenhagen, Stockholm. Fares are good from Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Portland.

Afterhours Travel, 7985 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 109-429, West Hollywood 90046. Call (213) 656-8443. Office hours: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Europe by Bus

Europabus service to dozens of destinations in Europe is outlined in a new brochure that lists more than 100 connections from West German cities to Portugal, Spain, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey. Other service from Scandinavia, England, the Netherlands. Europabus serves 70,000 miles of routes across the Continent. A good plan for travelers wishing to tour at their leisure without being locked into a package schedule.

Brochures available from your travel agent or by writing to Europabus, 747 3rd Ave., New York 10017.


For those of you planning to visit England's Cotswolds country, we hear good things about a 17th-Century country hotel appropriately named the Cotswold House. One guest wrote that "crossing the threshold of the Cotswold House in Chipping Campden is like stepping into a cocoon of tranquillity." An American told proprietor Robert Greenstock: "Thank you for being faithful to your brochure." The hotel was recently restored. Polished oak, fresh flowers, original paintings, trompe l'oeil murals. Only 15 rooms with a brasserie that serves meals, snacks, drinks. No two guest rooms alike. "Behind the imposing doors of the Cotswold House is all that is best in hotel keeping," travelers are told. Only 90 miles from London. A recent recipient of a commendation from the British Tourist Authority.

The Cotswold House, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire GL55 6AN, England. Rates: 35/45 double (room/breakfast), 52.95/62.95 (room/breakfast/dinner).

Discount Booklet

"How to Avoid the Phonies" is the theme of a booklet being distributed by the Worldwide Discount Travel Club of Florida. Warns not to give credit-card numbers over the telephone and to ask for detailed information. Provides answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning discount trips. Says it's necessary to read between the lines. Worldwide, with 6,000 members, has been offering trips since 1982. (Not a travel agency, nor does it compete with travel agents.) Worldwide is a clearinghouse that sells leftover space on cruise ships, airlines, tours. Operates for the person who is prepared to leave on short notice. Worldwide warns, though, that "some clubs take the customers' money and give nothing in return, ripping off unsuspecting travelers." Worldwide's booklet suggests precautions to avoid these unfortunate incidents.

Copies from Worldwide Discount Travel Club, 1674 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach, Fla. 33139. Note: Worldwide is promoting a one-week trip to the Bahamas (round-trip air fare/hotels) for approximately $45 a day.

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