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HIGH LIFE: A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Best Thrill Rides: Colossus, Free Fall, Ninja, Space Mountain, Dumbo(?)

June 23, 1989|Hot Topic responses were gathered by Angela Conner, John Doney, Roxanne Dyrud, Rebecca Leung and Heather Orey

Your first thrill ride as a child was, undoubtedly, spinning yourself in circles until you fell over from dizziness.

Nowadays, big bucks are spent to have something do the twirling for us. So what provides us with the best thrills? Hot Topics wonders: "What's the best amusement park ride of all time? Why?"

"Free Fall at Magic Mountain is the best amusement park ride of all time."

Becky Williams, 16,

junior, Bethel Baptist

"Space Mountain at Disneyland, because it's dark and fast."

Valerie Canfield, 15,

sophomore, Bethel Baptist

"Colossus (at Magic Mountain) is the best, because it's fast."

Michelle Monson, 16,

junior, Bethel Baptist

"Splash Mountain, because I work at Disneyland and I have had the privilege of test-riding it."

Jennifer Pulfer, 19,

senior, Bethel Baptist

"Free Fall, because when you're at the top you can see all around you."

Colleen McGuiness, 15,

freshman, Bethel Baptist

"Vortex at Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio, because it is the highest roller coaster in the world and it has nine loops."

Cyndi Boothby, 15,

freshman, Esperanza

"Space Mountain, because it is dark and you can't see where you are going."

Erin Ripperger, 18,

senior, Esperanza

"Colossus, because it is so scary."

April Kistler, 18,

senior, Esperanza

"Montezooma's Revenge at Knott's Berry Farm, because the takeoff is so fast and powerful."

Dave Berryman, 15,

sophomore, Heritage

"Colossus, because it's so fast and long."

Neb Milbourn, 14,

freshman, Heritage

"Ninja at Magic Mountain, because it's fast."

Stephanie Willet, 16,

senior, Heritage

"Pirates of the Caribbean (at Disneyland), because it's thrilling and exciting."

Chi Mai, 15, junior,

Southern California Christian

"The best roller coaster ride of all time is called 'My Sister's Driving.' "

Janelle Bradshaw, 15,

freshman, University

"The Dumbo ride at Disneyland, because the turbulence is so great."

Mark Duffy, 16,

sophomore, University

"Freefall, because you feel like you're going to lose your lunch."

Jim Bailey, 18,

senior, University

"Space Mountain is by far the greatest ride of all time. The speed and excitement make it great."

Tom Barraza, 16,

sophomore, Western

"Colossus is the best ride because there are many big drop-offs and people get scared and cry."

Al Sweet, 16,

sophomore, Western

"My all-time favorite ride is the Grand Carousel at Disneyland. The lights at night and the music playing brings out the little kid in me."

Lea Schmidt, 16,

sophomore, Western

"Small World at Disneyland; I enjoy this ride because never in my life have I seen so much color and such a variety of backgrounds and nationalities."

Roberta Flores, 16,

junior, Western

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