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What's in a Name? More Than Meets Eye

June 24, 1989

In his June 17 letter to Viewpoint, Bruce Carnachan suggests that the Chevrolet Indy V-8 engine should not be referred to by its proper name but rather as the "Ilmor" or "Ilmor-Chevrolet."

Chevrolet did not merely spend "millions of dollars to put its name on the valve covers," as Carnachan suggests. Eleven Chevrolet and General Motors engineering groups, working across the United States, from Santa Barbara to Rochester, N.Y., have contributed a great deal of American technology to this engine.

The original contract specifies that the engine be formally named the Chevrolet Indy V-8.

Carnachan's corruption of the name is illogical as someone suggesting that he be called "Glen Dale Carnachan" because he happens to live in Glendale.


Manager, Product Publicity

Chevrolet Central Office

Warren, Mich.

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