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Maybe They Didn't Do Enough to the SkyDome

June 27, 1989

The new SkyDome in Toronto has a retractable roof, and Toronto pitcher Mike Flanagan said: "Why stop there? Some of the pitchers around here, especially me, need retractable fences. And a lot of people on this team need retractable statements."

Trivia time: What does Manny Mota have in common with Babe Ruth?

Familiar Scene: From David Kahn of the (Portland) Oregonian: "The Clippers are still liable to name interim coach Don Casey as their permanent coach, but if they do, it probably won't be until July 2. Why then? Because Casey's current contract expires July 1, and if the Clips wait, they can pay Casey the least amount of money for the 12-month period ending on that date.

"Typical Clips."

A remedy? How does Pete Rose get relief from all the pressures that just keep mounting? Lonnie Wheeler of the New York Times doesn't pretend to know, but he made this observation after looking into Rose's office Sunday: "There was a gallon jar of Rolaids, half-filled, on his desk."

Manute problem: When Chris Hedges went to Sudan to do a story on Manute Bol's family, he found that they had been so cut off by the ravages of a civil war, that they had no idea he was playing for the Golden State Warriors and earning $400,000 a year.

"If Manute is still alive," said an uncle, Nquol Bol, one of the village leaders, "tell him his wife has married another man and most of his cattle were stolen by Arab militias. If he needs any help, we are still here."

Said Chal Makuc Bol, another uncle: "If he has no cows and wants to marry an American wife, we can get the cows together for him. Just let us know how many cows his wife's family demands."

Add Warriors: Of Ralph Sampson, Utah Jazz announcer Hot Rod Hundley said: "He's the most overrated player to come into the league since me."

Who is better? From St. Louis Manager Whitey Herzog, calling Pedro Guerrero the most reliable RBI man he's ever had: "Jack Clark was more explosive, but Guerrero makes more contact. He's some hitter. When I managed against him, I put him on every chance I had and pitched to Mike Marshall. One day, I didn't put him on. He got a hit to beat us, and I said, 'That's the last time.' "

Paradoxically, Clark holds the San Francisco Giants' club record for longest hitting streak at 26 games.

Trivia answer: Both have coached first base for the Dodgers. Ruth served as a coach for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1938.

Quotebook: NBC announcer Bob Costas, when the camera moved in for a close-up of a fat man in the stands wearing a Batman costume: "Holy calorie intake!"

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