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July 09, 1989

ZOYA by Danielle Steel (Dell: $5.95). Member of Russian royal family's bumpy road to success takes her from Russia during the Revolution to America during the Depression.

THE CAPE ANN by Faith Sullivan (Penguin: $7.95). Six-year-old Lark Erhardt narrates a pivotal period of her life during the Depression in Harvester, Minn.

GLORY by Jack Curtis (Onyx: $4.50). The insidious murders of several young women awaken an ex-cop from the alcoholic stupor caused by his wife's death.

RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE by Zane Grey (Pocket: $3.50). Grey's renowned gunman, Lassiter, puts in his first appearance when he steps in to prevent a Utah homesteader from being forced off her land (reissue).

PICTURE THIS by Joseph Heller (Ballantine: $4.50). Author of "Catch 22" offers sardonic portrayals of prominent philosophers and politicians.


TALKING STRAIGHT by Lee Iacocca with Sonny Kleinfeld (Bantam: $5.50). Iacocca transfers his successful formula to a range of public issues.

WASHINGTON GOES TO WAR by David Brinkley (Ballantine: $4.95). Brinkley recalls a somnolent city virtually thrust into a position of leadership during World War II.

AMERICA'S HEALTH CARE REVOLUTION by Joseph A. Califano Jr. (Touchstone: $9.95). Former secretary of Health, Education and Welfare analyzes the American health-care delivery system.

SOLITUDE: A Return to the Self by Anthony Storr (Ballantine: $8.95). Storr maintains that a state of aloneness is often not fully developed or appreciated.

THE RAGMAN'S SON by Kirk Douglas (Pocket: $5.50). Candid memoirs of 40 years as an actor.


HOW OLD IS THIS HOUSE? by Hugh Howard for Home Renovation Associates (Noonday: $10.95). Guide to identifying style, age, and architectural changes in older homes that could affect rennovation and restoration decisions.

NO MORE HYSTERECTOMIES by Vicki Hufnagel, MD (Plume: $8.95). Hufnagel suggests that 92% of hysterectomies may be unnecessary and presents alternatives to surgery, along with information to discuss with your physician.

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