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Culver City : 3rd Restaurant Signs Up

August 10, 1989

Marie Callender has agreed to open a restaurant at a site owned by the city Redevelopment Agency on Slauson Avenue opposite the Fox Hills Mall, said a spokesman for the site's developer, Jacmar Builders Inc.

The announcement on Monday coincided with a decision by the agency and the City Council to award a 31 1/2-year lease to Jacmar to develop four restaurants on the 4.5-acre property, known as the Kite site because it is shaped like a kite. It is bounded by Slauson, Knightsbridge and Hannum avenues.

The anticipated lease revenue to the agency ranges from $24,000 a year for the first two years to $1.8 million in the final year, according to a staff report.

In addition to Marie Callender, Red Robin and Little J's West have also agreed to lease spaces at the site, according to the report. Alhambra-based Jacmar is still searching for a fourth tenant.

The Redevelopment Agency also voted to prepare an agreement with the Earth Technology Corp. to treat or remove oil-contaminated soil from the site.

The job will cost $87,000 to $168,000, depending on the option chosen, according to a staff report.

The agency will try to collect the cost from the previous owner, the Cox Family Trust. The staff report said the trust was responsible for the cleanup as part of the 1986 acquisition agreement with the agency, but it did not finish the job.

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