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HIGH LIFE A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Making the Scene (Make That the Scenic) in County

August 11, 1989|Hot Topic responses gathered by Monica Neal at Huntington and Newport beaches.

Whether hiking in the hills, running through the surf or simply kicking back to watch the sunset, Orange County teen-agers have their favorite places for beautiful views.

Though everybody's definition of scenic is different, Hot Topics asks: "What's the most scenic spot in Orange County?"

"Probably the beach because all of my friends and the people I know come here, and their friends do, too."

Kyle Riggs, 13,

freshman, Anaheim

"Newport Beach is the most scenic because it's beautiful. The sunsets over the horizon are, seriously."

Chad Perea, 16,

junior, Canyon

"Probably around the Dana Point or San Clemente areas, because of the beaches and buildings."

Eric Smith, 15,

sophomore, Capistrano Valley

"Dana Point because it's got cliffs, the beaches are great and it's not overcrowded."

Mike Haskell, 15,

sophomore, Dana Hills

"On top of Huntington Beach (lifeguard) Tower 1, because it's right by the ocean and it's nice being there."

Chris Janocha, 14,

freshman, Edison

"Huntington or Laguna because it's really pretty there."

Jackie Jun, 17,

senior, Edison

"The cliffs down in Newport because they're romantic."

Paul Lusignan, 14,

freshman, Edison

"Laguna Beach because the beaches are clean and the water is blue instead of green, like Newport."

Kevin Reynolds, 16,

senior, Edison

"I guess the beach because there are always lots of cute guys there."

Elizabeth Harrison, 15,

junior, El Dorado

"Probably the Orange County Mining Co. (restaurant), because it has the best view."

Joe Foss, 16,

junior, Esperanza

"On top of a hill. I live in Yorba Linda, and when you go up on a hill, you can see all of Orange County."

Elizabeth Hillman, 17,

senior, Esperanza

"The Orange County Mining Co. You can see all of Orange County from up there."

Rich Hills, 16,

junior, Esperanza

"The beach at nighttime, like Crystal Cove because it's romantic. It's fun and peaceful. The hills behind my house, in Yorba Linda, are pretty, too, and at night we can see the Disneyland fireworks."

Rebecca Marzari, 17,

senior, Esperanza

"The Orange County Mining Co. is really great because at night you can see all the city's lights."

Amy Postlethwait, 15,

sophomore, Esperanza

"Top of the World in Anaheim Hills is a little lookout point, and it shows all the lights at night."

Lauren Tisdell, 15,

sophomore, Esperanza

"The beach because of the waves and the girls, definitely. I mean, I gotta be honest."

Chad Carreth, 14,

freshman, Fountain Valley

"The beach because everybody's down here. It's a cool place to hang out."

Mike King, 17,

senior, Fountain Valley

"The beach because it's where all the chicks hang out. It's the place to be."

Aaron Lopez, 14,

sophomore, Garden Grove

"Maxwell's on the beach, at the Huntington Beach Pier, because you can see the ocean."

Danielle Bowman, 15,

sophomore, Huntington Beach

"The road in the Laguna Canyon area because you can see the mountains and the beach at the same time."

Tasha Daly, 16,

junior, Huntington Beach

"The cliffs in Huntington Beach, because you can see a view of everything."

Tammi D'Ambra, 15,

sophomore, Huntington Beach

"Little Corona, a beach in Corona del Mar, is scenic. It's pretty. There are a bunch of caves and rocks."

--Nicole DeLorme, 16,

junior, Huntington Beach

"The Wedge in Newport Beach because it's a great place to go with friends. The waves break pretty big, and it's fun to watch."

Staci Slick, 16,

junior, Huntington Beach

"The beach because it's peaceful and you can just kick back and go surfing."

Brian Lenahan, 14,

freshman, Irvine

"The beach because everything is so natural--what you see is what you get."

Alma Bantugan, 18,

senior, Los Amigos

"Newport Beach, because there are a lot of nice houses, the weather is a lot cooler than inland, and there are a lot of different things to do, like at the water or the coves."

Shila Bendoy, 16,

senior, Los Amigos

"Huntington is nice because of the girls, but Dana Hills is scenic, because it has hills and cliffs by the beach, and the huge houses and coves are really nice."

Jim Grass, 16,

junior, Marina

"Balboa because it's pretty, has a lot of pretty houses and a lot of guys."

Denise Burroughs, 14,

sophomore, Ocean View

"Laguna Beach--that is, the cliffs because they're pretty and right near the water."

Juli England, 15,

sophomore, Ocean View

"I think downtown Huntington Beach is because it's historical, with all the old houses."

Julie Farrell, 17,

senior, Ocean View

"The End Cafe on the Huntington Beach Pier, at winter, at around sunset, because the sky turns a peachy color and the clouds are purple. It's really pretty and peaceful."

Wendy Abourezk, 15,

sophomore, Pacifica

"Maxwell's because you can look out at the ocean and see the waves break on the shore. It's really romantic."

Laura Kennedy, 15,

sophomore, Pacifica

"The beach--any beach--because there are lots of guys, especially at night."

Cory Roughton, 14,

sophomore, Pacifica

"Laguna Hills because I like the houses in that area."

Mary Advincula, 18,

senior, Rancho Alamitos

"Knott's Berry Farm because it has a lot of views and lots of shops."

Karena Dick, 16,

senior, Sonora

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