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August 13, 1989

SHINING THROUGH by Susan Isaacs (Ballantine: $5.95). A woman scorned by her husband rebounds, rather than retreats, by becoming an espionage operative in Nazi Germany.

DOCTORS by Eric Segal (Bantam: $5.95). Two doctors, Harvard, class of '62, reunite and commit their renowned independent successes and talents to a shared cause.

SELECTED SHORT STORIES OF NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE, edited by Alfred Kazin (Fawcett: $3.95). Compendium of short stories from the author of "The Scarlet Letter" and "The House of the Seven Gables."

FIREFLY SUMMER by Maeve Binchy (Delacorte: $4.95). Millionaire Patrick O'Neill returns to the Irish village that renounced his grandfather decades earlier.

Los Angeles Times Sunday August 20, 1989 Home Edition Book Review Page 10 Book Review Desk 1 inches; 32 words Type of Material: Correction
In last week's "Just Released in Paper" column, an incorrect number was given for Vortex Communications, the publisher of "L.A. Health: The Ultimate Guide to Health & Fitness in Los Angeles." The correct number is (213) 455-0097.

NIGHT SHADOW by Catherine Coulter (Avon: $4.50). The abrupt demise of her benefactor sends Lily Tremaine headlong into the arms of Knight Winthrop, the Viscount Castlerosse.


LOVING RACHEL: A Family's Journey From Grief by Jane Bernstein (Signet: $4.50). Writer's diary of the development, reactions, and readjustments after the birth of her handicapped daughter.

COMING OF AGE IN THE MILKY WAY by Timothy Ferris (Anchor: $10.95). Assortment of characters who have bumped into and attempted to sort through the vastness of universe while conducting less inglorious observations.

A MINNESOTA BOOK OF DAYS (And a Few Nights) by Howard Mohr (Penguin: $8.95). Former writer for The Prairie Home Companion recalls 365 days of Minnesota activity concluding with "the Minnesota Bigfoot . . . for his outstanding role as a Wise Man in the Christmas Pageant. . . ."

FAMILY FARMING: A New Economic Vision by Marty Strange (University of Nebraska Press: $7.50). Study of the decline and rise of the family run farm and corporate farm, respectively.

PRIVATE DEMONS: The Life of Shirley Jackson by Judy Oppenheimer (Fawcett: $10.95). Jackson was noted for her macabre stories which exhibited and alluded to Freudian symbolism.


WATERWORKS by D. Baloti Lawrence (Perigee: $14.95). How hydrotherapy can assist in stress reduction, beauty enhancement and physical therapy.

L.A. HEALTH: The Ultimate Guide to Health & Fitness in Los Angeles, edited by Cynthia Riddle (Vortex Communications: $9.95; 818/706-2706). List 2,000 holistic health-related establishments including counseling centers, spas, caterers, bookstores, et al.

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