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Family Again Sees Double on Aug. 12

August 17, 1989

Norris McWhirter, the Briton who, with his brother Ross, founded "The Guinness Book of World Records," might be particularly interested in the odd coincidences that have marked the family of Ventura County Fire Department dispatcher Rhonda Roller.

Roller, 29, delivered twin sons Jesse and Jake at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura on Saturday, which was Aug. 12.

Her 15-year-old twin brothers, Robert and Richard Smith of Woodhaven, Mich., were also born Aug. 12.

Her husband's grandfather, Herman Roller, an 86-year-old retired car salesman living in Newbury Park, also had a twin brother.

They were born Aug. 12.

As for Norris and Ross McWhirter, they also were twins. Ross was killed in an Irish Republican Army attack in 1975.

And, believe it or not, they were born 64 years ago.

On Aug. 12.

It must be some kind of record.

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