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HIGH LIFE : Ways to Keep Your Cool When the Summer Heat Won't Quit

August 18, 1989|Hot Topic responses gathered by Lynda Kim in the shade

With the sun and fun of summer also comes the heat. It comes with the territory, and Orange County is one of the territories in which to catch the rays, the waves and--oh, yeah--the heat.

A quick solution? How about a splash of water . . . or, common sense suggests, air conditioning? Everyone has a different idea of what's hot and how to chill out, so Hot Topics wonders: "How do you beat the heat?"

"I wear shorts and a T-shirt, open the windows, lie down on my sofa and read a good book."

Minyi Han, 14, sophomore, Cypress

"I go swimming at a friend's house or go to Huntington Beach and lay out and go in the water."

Stacie Kosaka, 17, senior, Cypress

"I cruise down to the beach and hang out. My friends and I play a lot of paddle ball, and we surf when we're in the mood."

Jason Hardgrave, 15, sophomore, Dana Hills

"I go shopping at South Coast Plaza."

Jay Johnson, 18, senior, Edison

"I go to the beach and bodysurf. I also go to movies because of its air conditioning."

David Hong, 17, junior, Estancia

"I weight-lift in our garage--it makes me feel better after I take a shower."

Ronnie Hong, 16, sophomore, Estancia

"I squirt myself with the garden hose."

Paula Widetick, 16, junior, Fountain Valley

"I go swimming at the beach. . . . Yeah! Definitely swim in the ocean."

Tasha Daly, 16, junior, Huntington Beach

"I'm an underwater and offshore photographer, so I spend a lot of time at the beach. I also put a shirt around my head and use the squirt bottle to keep myself cool."

Tyler Moriarty, 16, senior, Huntington Beach

"I go to the beach or I call up a friend and make him or her drive me around with the air conditioner on."

Jean Chen, 17, senior, Kennedy

"I go swimming at the beach and lay out in the sun. The beach is cool because there's a lot of guys there."

Diana Rankin, 14, freshman, Loara

"I'm a junior lifeguard, so I'm always at the beach."

Kim Bhesania, 16, junior, La Quinta

"I ice skate every day; I've been skating competitively since I was 5 1/2."

Jennifer Wolan, 14, freshman, Marina

"I go to the beach or the swimming pool. Sometimes I stay inside the house and watch TV or play Nintendo. Other times I go bike riding . . . or just grin and bear it."

Tom LeClerc, 15, freshman, Ocean View

"After I run, I go swimming in our pool. I also drink a lot of Coke and Jolt cola."

Tyler Wilson, 17, junior, Savanna

"I go swimming a lot at my friend's house. Also, where I go to summer school, it's air-conditioned."

Jenny Min, 16, senior, Sunny Hills

"I work in an air-conditioned building, and I'm taking an SAT class, which also has air conditioning. By the time I come home, the day's already over, so I don't have to worry about the heat. On the days that I don't go to those two places, I usually go to the beach or the swimming pool."

Carolyn Wang, 17, senior, Sunny Hills

"I go swimming in our back yard."

Charis Hawkinson, 13, freshman, Trabuco Hills

"Every room in our house has a fan in it, so it's pretty cool. I sleep in the morning, and then I run my errands in the cooler hours of the evening."

Sara Wadhwani, 16, junior, Western

"I lifeguard at the Lake Forest Beach and Racquet pool in El Toro, so I'm near the water."

Julie Brownlee, 16, junior, Woodbridge

Next Week's Hot Topic:

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